Tuesday, May 10, 2011

baby momas vs super single mothers

Why is it that women with men who want to be in the child[ren]'s life dont know how to act? It never fails they complain, whine and simply try to make the man miserable when all he wants to do is be a father. They say you dont get your child enough so the guy tries to pick up an extra day and gets grief about the inconveince his last minute text/phonecall/email has caused? Its like what do you want? They say you dont call your child but when the guy calls there is no answer. These women I will admit disgust me to no end. On the other end of the spectrum there are women like myself who get NO help from the man and there is no one to complain to. Every birthday, holiday, pta meeting, school play, soccer game, and playdates we attend alone [and we feel alone has couples and active fathers share in these events]. Dont even get me started on the cost who is paying for aftercare, soccer, ballet, lunch, food, and pictures the super single mother and she does it all alone. While the baby moma gets to split the cost and she complains about that too. She says the guy is never giving enough while others get nothing and give it all. Still the women giving it all do so with a smile squeezing every penny to get maximum effect and never complaining. People really need to learn to appreciate what they have because it could always be worse.
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