Saturday, May 7, 2011


Love looks different to everyone. So loving me is set upon the condition of you loving your child? Please note I have never interferred and often disappeared to give him space with his son as he lives out of town. However in giving space that was wrong too because according to him I should want to be around him and his son. Lol cant win for loosing. So now he has decided that he can no longer watch his son walk away so he is moving to be with him and we can no longer be. If we hadnt been long distance for 75% of the relationship I could totally understand this but alas I do not. He says he knows I wont go unless we are married which is part way true I would definitely need to be engaged at the least and he is not ready. We have been dating 2 years and he still doesnt know if I'm the one? Thats a different blog.... So here is the funny part my dream guy with 95% of my list criteria is walking out of my life and I have to let him go. It was nothing I did its him wanting to be a good father in the same city as his son. He is not moving until he gets a job which in this econmoy could take time but still he is leaving me now. He says its better for me to go through this now wether than wait until he moves. Part of the reason I love him is because he is an active father and its that part of him that is making him walk away from me. Freaking hilarious....
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