Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fairy tales and Happy endings

When we are young we want to be princesses! Not for the love or even the prince but for the dresses and fairy godmothers. Then we get a little older and realize that the prince is the catch. He is supposed to save us, break a spell, slay a dragon and make it all better. Then we grow some more and learn that while there are some prince charmings there are a lot of toads. While searching for our prince and navigating the lands of far far away we find heart break ave, lonely lane, and the one who got away. Soon we are women and the prince and fairy godmother loose there appeal. We are now watching soap operas, sitcoms, and reality shows. But what do they all have in common? Love. How many soaps have women trying to keep a man, and on the sitcoms there are great men who work, are loyal and love there women. Let's not even discuss the celebrities searching for love or its cousin lust. Hell even Carrie married Big. So what are women to do? We are bred to believe in love then when we expect it we are to blame, or moving too fast, or putting on the pressure. So what do we do? Settle or wait for the dream?
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