Friday, June 10, 2011

No more blaming them its me

Attracted to the wrong men... as I lay here alone I know this has to be the answer. I'm educated have my own and now single. So what else could it be? They say the timing but I'm in prime dating age, my weight: I know overly obese women that are married, I'm a single parent; I know women with 3 baby dadies and 1 husband, my location; I left chatt. So what is it? I'm attracted to the wrong men and the wrong men love me. Guy at the gas station was charismatic but he had a ring, honey in the meat section was gorgeous but his lady was grabbing milk, the tire guy was sweet but only wanted to beat, and the tow truck guy is a whole other blog. As I lay here I can't help but wonder what's wrong with me that attratcs the taken, emotionally unavailable, or emotionally immature? I have even had a gay guy attempt to change teams. What am I doing wrong?
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