Friday, October 7, 2011

Damaged No More

I finally understand that on the other side of pain is happiness.Pain is your souls way of healing and tears is its way of getting clean. When something heals usually it is stronger. For me my smile seems brighter, and my laugh is heartier. However I know that it wasn't long ago that my heart and soul were under construction, dirty and damaged. I can remember all the sleepless nights and constant questions of why. When why really doesn't matter because it is what it is! Holding on while you walked away was only hurtng me. You didnt care you were out finding others intriguing. Now I'm able to see you and remeber the good times without craving more. I understand that I deserve more than your part tme love. I smile now because I'm free and my heart and soul are repaired and clean!

*smiles, and throws the last card away*
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