Friday, October 14, 2011

Itching for Niche

Finding a niche… Sounds easy right? For most people it is, yet I sit here at work struggling with what it is I want to do for real. My field is so broad I have to narrow it down. I believe I am a smart person and can excel at most things I try (athletics not being one of them lol) but the key to longevity is uniqueness. What is unique about me? For so long I have been SUPER SINGLE MOTHER, AND FULL TIME COLLEGE STUDENT. Sounds good right? However now I have the degree and being super single is less appealing everyday so what’s next? I am a therapist (still learning but I’d say I’m good at what at do) but what does that mean? Nothing because every graduation there are hundreds if not thousands of people matriculating with social work degrees (they think they own the helping profession {to an extent they do} and can they are able to do sooo much with their degree) as well as those who like me have a degree in counseling. Competition is steep out here in the helping world. So while I am good at what I do I’m sure some of them will be as well. I need a niche, something to set me apart from others in the long run and not just at my current position. My degree is general so I need a specialty. I need something that I am at least an authority if not an expert in. This is where I draw the blank. So I say ok T what/who do you like or want to do?.... *blank mind*… got one I like the addicts (so does everyone else and with this LADAC license available I have to do better than that too)…*still thinking*... Let’s see eating disorders, adult children of addicts, addicts who have suffered sexual assault, trauma focused work, PTSD, criminology (seems the obvious answer if you have been reading my blog). Whatever I dive into it I want to be sure I am ready to swim in it for a while. I do enjoy working with and helping the criminals but that is a niche I fell into at my current job because of my work in the prison system. Working with criminals can often be less rewarding than working with the addicts is that what I really want? What is it I am truly passionate about and wouldn’t mind studying … I don’t know I guess we will wait and see… Stay tuned

*deep sigh then reaches for chocolate*

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