Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Watching Madea

As I lay here with my daughter watching yet another madea movie it hits me.. hell no we not over bc of a phone... lemme go back... one day he and I were watching this same move and madea says "if a man cheating ask him for one thing if he give it to you he not cheating" and he instantly handed me his LOCKED phone.... so u hand it to me locked like its all good and then I go through it later and we are done? Lol joke was on me.... I said I wasn't gonna write about the break up anymore but this epiphany deserves and entry. I have been sayin it wasn't the phone and now I have my proof.... so lemme talk to the men if u don want to be comitted then dont its called a choice don't have us women hanging on your every word doing whatever for you and you really don't wanna be there.... ok carry on

"If someone wants to walk out of your life let them go...especially if you have done all you knew to do"- Mabel Simmons AKA Madea..... thanks Tyler Perry! Ha I had to let him go!

*flips hair and smiles*
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