Thursday, December 8, 2011

Complex and Fairytales

They just don’t make them like they used too… LOL this is a convo I had with co workers earlier. It was so refreshing to hear an older black woman says she was looking for a man like her daddy. I was starting to think it was just me. She stated that her parents have been together like 60 plus years and that her father still gets butterflies when her mom walks into the room. Where are they doing that at? LOL Which brings me to my point.. I have the BEST father in the world and I am daddy’s grown woman! LOL He is my rock. When others have been there and said they wouldn’t leave and eventually did he was always there to pick up the pieces. I love him and he has given me a true definition of what a man should do. So later this same day I was asked if I had the Electra Complex …SIDE NOTE I’m a therapist and it was a therapist who asked this question (he was also who inspired a previous blog itching for a niche)… I of course say no but now I am thinking am I terminally single because no one can meet my standards? As I replay the eligibles in my mind my answer is still no. I don’t want the one who thinks he can buy me, or have me on the side, or only have sex with me, or keep me a secret, or keep me around while searching for better (there is nothing better LOL). I want the real thing I want love. I’m old enough to know that the fairy tale I wanted at 16 is NOT happening but a Shrek like fairytale is still an option right? I don’t want to settle my dad taught me I am better than that. So I guess if that means that I will be single for ever its ok. I’ve done the long term relationship thing a couple times. Had a live in who wouldn’t admit that he lived there. I’ve had one that promised the moon and stars and couldn’t even provide a hello at times so I know what I want and it’s NOT my daddy. (that would be gross on too many levels) I do want a man that has some of the same beliefs as my father though. A man that will love me for me not who he had in the past or thinks I should be. I want someone to love all the pieces of me!

*smiles, and nods*

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