Thursday, December 8, 2011

It may be BETTER to be BE QUIET

As we form an opinion it limits what we tell others… now I’m wondering should we be telling them anything anyway? Think about it… if someone is bitter because they were cheated on do we tell them we are considering taking our cheating ex back? I’m thinking no… My question is should we even be discussing the ideas that we are bouncing around in our minds in the first place? In the end it will be you with the cheater or alone not that person. As a therapist I believe in talking to others. However friends often lack the capacity to be objective. They give advice with passion, and love that they feel for you. That’s why the first thing they tell you when pursuing a career in therapy is that we do not give advice. With this being said why are we so quick to reflect aloud with others when the true reflection needs to begin on the inside (or in the inside of a therapist office :) #shameless plug…..

*just a thought… pulls back up work screen*

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