Saturday, April 30, 2011


I pride myself on not crying but it seems someone has released a waterfall in my head and the water is escaping from my eyes... for women especially its so wierd that the one thing in life thats missing [usually a man] effects how we feel about all the other great things in our life. Petty huh? I think my pain comes from being in limbo you know that awkard place between together and not. Trying to hold on while letting go. It never fails somene is always holding on while the other is letting go. Im holding on and he could care less. So let go right? I wish it was that easy. Two years later and he is still the man that I want. When I see his face I still get butterflies even beneath the waterfall that I refuse to call tears I smile at the thought of him and the memories that are so stubborn and will not leave.
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Friday, April 29, 2011


So now that I know how this works let me get started.... this is my first time blogging. Ive wanted to do it for quite sometime but never had the time... well hmmm maybe its more like I never knew the site. I need a place to express myself freely. Twitter used to be that place but I'm sure as some may know that gets messy. Not really messy just frustrating. The guy in my life totally dogged me for tweeting then he started and i get sick of seeing him shout out the women friends in his life and not me so that kinda killed it. That and his bruhs playing run tell that....anyway I digress....Before that it was facebook, my mom now has a page so thats a definite NO!!!! Lol... ok moving on from there... I'm a hopeless romantic [that often gets me in trouble], constantly trying to loose weight [stay tuned], a super single mother [working on milf status j/k], a therapist, and I looooove music....hmmm this was very relaxing I like it....and there it is the begining of the blog...
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