Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Looking at your arms knowing they will never hold me again. Listening to you talk while looking deep into your eyes. I know you have moved on. Hearing you say your ok I'm your puppet and repeat it too. Watching you smile casually knowing that smile is no longer for me. Crying inside but outside I smile back. You say you no longer feel guilty and I say I'm ok. Tell me about the fun you are having the girls that want you but you not feeling them. I say I'm ok. Listening waiting for you to tell me you want me too but I'm waiting in vain. You no longer miss me, or feel sad that we are apart. You say how are you and I say I'm ok. I tell you be happy you tell me the same. I watch you leave calm not wanting to stay. I stare at the door tears soaking my face and say I'm ok.
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