Sunday, January 22, 2012

Need new memories

Why do I continue to have these thoughts. Memories burned into my mind. The good the bad I see it all. What do I think will change? The fact remains that we see the same situation so differntly that there cannot be a we... I was asked recently do I regret what I did [find the dirt] and without a tear my answ is no. My only regret I that there was something to find. I like to be well informed, and even though I'm now well aware what was hapening I still have thoughts.... thoughts of what if when I know there is no more us... I'm not even sure I want an us anymore. Technically he cheated and then fliped it like I was uber wrong. He still throws it in my face that chicks are trynna be with him....I guess I need to get out make more memories so I can have new thoughts..

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