Thursday, July 12, 2012

I choose ME!!!!

So I have been thinking about my blog and why I have no readers and others don’t… It used to be depressing as hell. Someone should have left a comment and said CHEER UP! LOL… Anywho originally this was a place to express my heart ache but I am so beyond that now… Ok there will still be occasional love stories and poems but really I need a change. This blog has been a great way for me to express my thoughts and gain clarity… I also have been thinking about my life and personal goals, let me be specific, my superficial goals (I have the others pretty well mapped out) and I want to be thin (I will worry about health later, just being honest) and I want my hair to be the length of a 12inch sew in (roughly a little past bra strap length). So will I make this a hair or weight loss blog? Neither this is a ME blog!!! Besides what would I do with the blog once the journey is complete? LOL So I decided maybe my blog wont have the followers I wish it did, maybe it wont be as funny as “Mama Laughlins” (yall should check this out) or as cool as “Longing for Length” (a great relaxed hair journey blog) but it will be mine and It is whatever I want it to be. (I will be playing around with the template and adding more pictures this weekend though)…However just so you know (in case someone is reading this other than me and LC) the diet and hair thing will come up a lot…
…I might as well post about my epic fail Tuesday night. I took myself to a buffet (well the Mr. took me but you get it)… WHY WHY WHY would I do that? INSANE has to be the only answer. Needless to say I pigged out and then felt bad later. But hey I am not going to dwell on it. I am just being accountable for my actions. So today will be a cleaner eating day… and I may even join WW online. I am ready. It will be hard but I have found friends, and blogs to keep me motivated… Wish me  luck… again LOL


  1. Hey girlie! Finally made my way around to your blog...I imagine it is difficult to stay motivated to post when you don't have followers. I'm SO glad that you continued to update though because as you said, it can be therapeutic. I'm in the same struggle to work on superficial goals (I like that term) - hair, skin, weight. Same story different day, right? Anywhoooo, thanks for mentioning me! and you NOW HAVE YOUR FIRST FOLLOWER! *throws confetti!*

  2. Lol it is a daily struggle with the superficial goals lol.... thanks for the confetti.... *does happy dance*


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