Friday, August 10, 2012

Its me

I dont know what happened... I have never been skinny but as of now I am bigger then when I went in to give birth to my daughter.... OK maybe I do know what happend. I started eating everything and stopped trying to work out.  Take a look...
Me about 3.5 years ago
This picture is after I lost 20 pounds in one month. It was very hard and Im not sure it was totally healthy (eating only meat and working out two times a day) but the results were so quick.

So the weight starts coming back and I pretend I dont know. I was eating in secret and really acting like an addict and I guess for food I am. I LOVE TO EAT.

Then I turned to no longer taking body pics but really there is only so much you can do to avoid looking big before you realize its not the camera, the clothes didnt shrink, its not your eyes, and it was not your posture. IT IS YOU... or in my case TOYA ITS YOU...  So here is what I decided exercise is not my issue I dont mind it so much its the food. I have a fitness app on my ohone and I am counting calories and adding more fruits and vegetables. I have not seen any resukts but I feel better, and I am no longer as slugissh... While I in no way have my high school body back I am definitly taking baby steps to get there.... wish me luck

*crunches on a baby carrot with no ranch*

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