Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Management (Make Monday my Bitch!!!)

So anyone who knows me personally knows that while I am always thankful to see another day I HATE MONDAYS!!!! Ugghh nothing ever goes right for me. It’s like I can’t get right on a Monday morning and then by the time I get into my groove it’s time to go home… Or maybe I am lazy and just don’t want to face work on Monday, it could also be that I am forever starting my diet or new work out schedule on Monday,  either way it’s not my day. I have also noticed that if I don’t work out on Mondays my gym week goes to hell. I cannot seem to pick it up on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and HECK no on Friday LOL. So I have decided to make Monday my Bitch!!!! This is a series I will do every Monday in an effort to make Monday more manageable for me… I started today right I had myfitness pal send me my password so that I can begin tracking my food and exercises… again, updated treatment plans, returned voicemails, and completed mid month documentation! GO ME… Then I went to the gym and started for the second time the C25K or couch to 5k program (or at least my modified version of it). Since I used to run (ok jog a little) I started my running intervals at running for two minutes walking for 1.5 minutes... All in all I won and Monday was my bitch!!!!! These post workout pics say different but hey I’m claiming this victory!!!

Why I look like I lost a fight?... Tired LOL

Thats better! love those sunglasses
I definitly have to wash my hair tonight LOL...

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