Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sorry for the delay

Hello!!!! Because it is Tuesday and I am doing Monday management it should be evident that I did not win that battle! LOL… Ok my workout was good though. I did 35 minutes of cardio (new goal is an hour, but finding the time is very hard right now) and a few weight machines that target your back.

Thank goodness for the front cameras lol

why am I so big :(

From the looks of my daughter Monday got to her too! LOL. I have her do extra math homework at night because that is a struggle we have. Any suggestions would be nice

I did not send her to school with  her hair like that.... Monday is hard on everyone LOL

Dinner was toooo good and very healthy! Salmon and broccoli.... I'm learning to ease up on the butter and enjoy the vegetable for what it is (its a process LOL)
Im going to start using saucers

With the weight watchers this is only 3 points... I had to account for the butter... But I still maintained my daily point target.

 Enjoy the week!!!!  

*Drinks some water because I am trying to drink my weight in water*

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