Saturday, August 25, 2012

What a Week!!!!!

WOW what a week I had! Monday may have been my bitch but I cannot say the same for the rest of the week. Let me hit the high points!!!...

Mini Me
My baby killed it at soccer practice this week. She was “dribbling and shooting” (IKR they use basketball terms too) all over the place I was very excited. Hopefully she will bring some of that to the game!!!! She also rocked her spelling test so Mommy is very proud.

The J-O-B
I was called to testify is a DCS hearing and ended up feeling as if I were on trial and please believe my child is not deprived!!!! I expected it to be a little brutal but geeesh. It was my first time in a court room since I worked in CPS. I guess I was a little rusty to say the least. Also there was the usual “how does that make you feel” “you are an addict now let’s deal with that” convos that happen but that is nothing new… The major thing is my coworker found brown recluse spiders. Apparently they bite you and you get a huge hole in your skin (that is gross on so many levels). What makes it worse is he was told (according to him) that the building is infected with them and the higher ups will not pay to have the place sprayed. Talk about a hazard. It’s cool because if I survive a bite a pay raise will be the least of their concerns LOL...

There are 3 of them and no those are NOT granddaddy long legs... I searched them on google and compared  them. they are brown recluse

Well I worked out 3 days this week doing the C25K plan for 2 days and a step class 1 day. That is 2 days under my original goal but 1 day more than I usually manage (seeking progress and not perfection). I also joined *drum roll please* Weight Watchers!!!! 

Start up kit that comes with some very helpful information.
One of the things stressed the most (which anyone that has ever dieted knows) is to track everything you eat. The lady even said "You snack it you track it, If it goes in your smacker write it in your tracker). I'm not sure what method of tracking I will use just yet. I am going to try some apps, and of course the old pen and paper but the kit came with these...

They also give you weekly mini magazines that include tips for weight loss, and nice recipes.

I imagine myself singing loudly and off key “If you want it you got it you gotta believe” like J. Hud’s commercial. I am not a talented vocalist, I just play one in the shower. So thus far I am on my way to success in all areas. I saw my true starting weight and almost cried but there is no one blame but me and no one can change it but me. SO here we go.  Wish me luck

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