Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Management

Well Well well it is Monday again!!!!! Ok things have been very hectic here but as usual I will stick with the high points….

I have been eating a lot better and have managed to lose 4 pounds!!!! 
fish and veggies only have to count points for the fish!!!

My new addiction and worth all 5 points LOL

One more pound and I get a gold star in weight watchers LOL. I will admit I once thought I’m not going to pay anyone to tell me what to do but something about spending my money has definitely motivated me. I have lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks and only worked out one time. My work outs have been struggling but its cool I plan to start 2 a days in the morning…. (lucky for me I have no pic to post of me sweating like a pig)..

My daughter was in a pageant. 

Interview outfit

Onstage introduction

My father escorted her!!!

As a pageant girl myself in the past I was very excited although it is clear soccer is her thing and it is not meant for her do to the smile walk wave talk thing LOL. She scored very well but did not make the court.

Evening Gown

For talent she did a monologue about the soldiers and the war

My job has been a very sore subject for me but things are really starting to look up. The bugs are dying so at least they sprayed! LOL

My hair is a hot mess. Looks like another sew in is in the works for me. Monday was not my bitch but it was definitely manageable today. I closed a bunch of cases, updated tx plans, and helped my clients gain some insight LOL…. Until next time!!!..

Oh yeah Stay tuned for weigh in Fridays I will be logging my weekly weight loss via the weight watchers meetings…

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