Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Management!!!!!

Hello out there!!!! Another Monday has managed to sneak up on me. I won this week though. I caught up on notes at work, did my homework, and even went to the gym!!!! Also I stayed under my points for the day so I'm feeling good feeling great!!!!

2.09 miles on the bike in 12 minutes

2.06 miles in 30 minutes on the treadmill
I know that may be slow to some but for me it is a huge accomplishment!!!! I did a very modified version of the C25K

Me today still needing to fix my hair
pants- New York and Company
top- Old Navy
Sweater- JC Pennys
shoes- Catos
Ok now to recap my weekend.... the best friend is in town on business and what a better way for my child to see her God father and actually have a chance at remembering him! LOL... The bestie also met the boo so that's a fantastic thing as well!!!!
Family night Friday!!!!

Shoe game for family night Friday

For family night Friday mini me, the boo and I went to my spot Chillis. I know some frown up at the place you cant be the price and when I'm with them its always a great time!

Saturday was soccer time and guess what???? SHE SCOOOOOORED!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!! Yes I screamed and cheered like I had lost my mind lol!

The sharks!!!!

 I'm not sure if i blogged this already but the boo got me a tablet!!!!! yaaaaay I love him and I love it!

Same picture as instagram... @urfavcelebrity

Washed my hair just cant seem to flat iron it....

Of course we both have homework!

Ooooh the research articles

Well that's it... how was Monday for you?


  1. Trying to follow your wonderful blog but it will only let me follow by email...?

  2. Hello!!! I am following your blog. I recently added the friends google follower thingy... Sorry for the delay I didn't think anyone was trying to follow. Thank you so much for reading!!!!


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