Saturday, October 13, 2012


SO I know it has been a while but here I am…. So much has happened where to start… I GOT ENGAGED!!!!! Woot woot (mid happy dance thinks Oh hell no I will not be a fat ass bride)…

So he proposed in front of my immediate family and  my line sister (I am a Zeta) at my favorite place to eat, Chillis, which is also where we had our first date!!!! *I scream*

This is us in the way to hang out... EVERYONE knew it was about to happen but me!!!!
He is not good with pictures!!!!

My girl Erin hooked me up with a Pintrest board (as if I didn’t have one LOL)… I found this really cute bridesmaid dress and we will see what the ladies think about it….
Yes the colors are purple and grey and I think this dress is AMAZING!!!!!

Guess more of my meals will have to look like this …

Im going to have to start leaving the cheese off probably

Because I am officially SWEATING FOR THE DRESS!!!! Yaaaaaay

Now I have heard that planning a wedding makes you lose friends but dam! I haven’t even been engaged a week and already people upset. My dear friend was very dry when I announced my engagement letting me know that she was at tailgating (after it had been said that no one could get dressed in time to be at the restaurant) but oh well I still sent her an email asking her to be a bridesmaid but I'm thinking she will get cut. I do not want anyone involved that is not happy for me. I mean geesh be a real friend and fake happiness to me and be jealous on your own time hefer! LOL…

Anywho here we are right after I said yes. I promise I will post a better pic of him but my baby just does not photograph well LOL…

So here we go follow me as I SWEAT FOR THE DRESS, and plan OUR BIG DAY!!!!!....


  1. That is awesome news!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations!!! How exciting!

  3. Thank you... It is definitely going to be an adventure!!!


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