Saturday, October 27, 2012

Reception Site... sort of

Let's see what has been going on with me... First I have a few new followers! Welcome to the madness. I love comments so feel free to send them! I have decided to do something I have never done before TAKE A WEEK OFF WORK,. I am stoked to stay home and do... NOTHING!!! I work as a mental health therapist in community mental health and let me just say there is always something to do and NEVER a moment to do it. I have been in mental health since 2006 and my current position for almost two years and a break is much needed!!! However in usual Toya fashion the moment my vacation starts so does the next semester of school HAHAAHAH jokes on me so homework will have to be done!...

OK wedding stuff... We have unofficially decided on a reception site venue yaaay!!! On our venue shopping day we got some goodies!
From the DoubleTree.. Our first stop and our eventual choice and just so you know I gave my cookie to the fiance.

From the Marriott our original first choice until we actually went looking... White Chocolate Mocha make it skinny no whip cream

We went to several other places but they did not give any goodies. LOSERS...I say we have unofficially picked a site because we are working class, as in check to check and the next check better come or we may be homeless, not rich or well off by any stretch of the imagination so we have not put a deposit down (whole other melt down post about wedding cost and my love working two jobs I'm sure will eventually be posted) . However the lady at DoubleTree placed us on a conditional interest list. This means if someone else wants our date she will call us first and give us the opportunity to fork over the deposit. GO her!!!! Another reason why I am more than excited to have my big party there. She was amazing... (#DoubleTree by Hilton in Chattanooga, TN).

Weight loss.... I have been going to weight watchers off and on and I am convinced it works I am just confused. She wants me to eat my workout points back??? Ummm no way ma'am. I am no doctor or nutritionist but I know my body and it works like this: 
Eat= gain weight
Eat the right food= maintain weight
Eat the right food and work out= weight loss
Eat the right food, workout, eat again= weight gain
Eat Look at a doughnut=weight gain LOL, come on its not just me

That being said I cannot eat those workout points back!!!!! No WAY. At the last meeting I maintained my weight however when I was not attending meetings I relapsed on my food addiction and was a full blown junkie gained weight that they know nothing about but managed to get it off before returning to the meeting.... I will post a bare all weight post in the near future *cries a little and dies a small death*

Anyway this post is getting long and I have a soccer game to get to so catch you later!!!!

Whats been up with you? How are things weight loss, hair growth, whatever you are doing...

Oh yea I want a signature someone please tell me how to do that!!!!!!! thanks again

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