Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday management... on a Monday! LOL

Its Monday bitches! Lovely ladies that follow my blog!!! How is it going? Ok so it is Monday and surprisingly I am feeling good feeling great!!! I definitely won. I was asked to speak to a big wig of the company and I was not a whistle blower! Ok really they just didn't ask the right questions! LOL ok seriously I spoke very well, and made my supervisor proud (like he asked me to right before the interview)!! … I feel accomplished and I am praying super hard for things (that will be disclosed later) that I want, well feel like I need!
So I thought I would talk about my love affair with “weigh in days”. I LOOOOVE getting on the scale and seeing the number drop however we have all had those weeks were we skip dessert, work out, drink water, you know ALL the things we should do. Then we step on the scale and NOTHING or WORSE some gain… I cannot deal with a gain. It makes me binge I feel discouraged and overeat. Is it just me? I understand that not every week there will be a loss but geesh can there be no gain????? Ugggh… As a result I am toying with weighing every two weeks. Really I am just trying to find what works for me and keeps me loosing… stay tuned for that
Ok enough of that. I am feeling good and need to get some family time in… So here it is… I’m doing well with all my preset goals except my water intake sucked today… I will try really hard but I just don’t like water bring on the sweet tea must do better. This may be slowing me down, so a change must come... Anywho today I did a total of 6 miles 4 of those on the bike. Oh I also shaved a few seconds off the mile time!!! 
Mile time- 13.17... slowly coming down
Still on treadmill.... TIRED!!!!

I have been encouraged to add strength training to boost the weight loss. That in mind today I did upper body weights. It may be time for me to utilize that free personal training you get when you join the gym so that I can get some kind of weight lifting plan because as of now it’s a free for all me just doing what I see others do or have done in the past or saw on Pinterest LOL… And of course some pics…

After workout!!! (I had a cami sports bra on under the shirt) Look at all that sweat (fat crying tears)

Leaving the gym... OMG my hair

So this weekend the fam and I checked out a new church as we are in search for a church home!

Me and mini me...notice the hair then look at the workout pics

Babe is never ready for the car photo shoot... LOL

Mini me ready for church!!!

I washed my hair to be pretty for church... See post workout pic and it is once again a mess!!!! LOL
SO how was your Monday whats new???

*chokes and gags on water to increase daily water intake*


  1. Love a good sweaty workout! Have a wonderful week :)

  2. I agree!!! It makes me feel like I have accomplished something! Thanks and you too!!!!!

  3. Heyyyy TOYA GIRL!!! lol. Congratulations on staying on track! Girl I know exactly what you mean with going on that scale and seeing gains. When I came back from vacation, i had to take a weigh in week off because I did NOT want to see the devastation I did with my caloric intake. But I worked hard and now I am under what I left which I am very excited about. Excited to follow your journey with you!

    1. Heeey lady and thanks for following along!!! Me and and the scale have a love hate relationship!!!! Woot woot you go girl! Nothing like weight loss after a vacation.

  4. Hey Toya!! Love this post!! You're so funny. I hate the scale some weeks too. I use to constantly weigh myself but have a strict once a week on Wednesday rule now. Keeps me sane. You have to find what works for you tho!! Keep up the great work and keep inspiring others!! XO

    1. Hey lady! Thanks for comments that means alot!!!! I want to be strict on weigh days but since adding weight training I'm literally scared (muscle weighs more than fat blah blah lol). How did you pick Wednesday for weigh in day?

  5. Awesome sweaty pics!!! Love those!! You are doing great!!

    1. I like them too if I don't sweat I don't feel like I did anything! !! Thanks

  6. I nominated you for an award! Check out my blog for the deets!!! Hope you are having a good start to the week!! :)


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