Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Monday won...its Tuesday

Ok ladies so let me honest and quick. Monday made me its bitch!!!! I was so tired and I am not sure why. I slept more than anything yesterday after work, not sure why. I guess I will blame it on my hormones. As you can see by the ticker I did not pile on the miles #epicfail So I am modifying that goal to only 15 miles a week. There are two days a week that I just will not be able to go to the gym so I have to be realistic and not set my self up for failure.... Umm what else was I supposed to do? Blog, yep didnt do that either LOL... I dont know what happen and I will be honest I dont see too much happening this week due to the holidays. No I will not be overeating and yes I will be doing some type of workout but not the gym and nope not thinking about the miles.... Just being honest with me!!!! I have been studying for my LPC test though!!! LOL so something is right for me!!!!... Ok I have to go but let me leave you with this...

Be thankful for the small things because if your not how will you ever appreciate the big things!!!!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season..

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