Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Goals and Updates...

Before I get into this post let me say I love that you can "google" anything you want! I typed in "run motivation" and lots of good blog worthy images. I only used a few though...


So in November I set some goals. I was trying to keep from being a dumby setting NY resolutions that I know I wont keep so I decided to start early. You can see that post here. I have since made some changes to them and I of course want to share because you all love me and my life so much I need to be held accountable. So here are my revised goals…
· Complete a total of 25 15 miles per week (Monday- Sunday) with at least 10 8 of those miles done on the treadmill…*Who the hell was I kidding with this one? Hell there are at least 2 days per week I CAN NOT make it to the gym at all… SMH
· Shave a whole two minutes off my mile time by December 1, 2012. This did not happen consistently. Some days it did other days it definitely did not. I am no longer concerned about my mile time but my overall endurance. I WANT TO BE A RUNNER!!! Who cares if I run an 8 minute mile and then pass out??? So the new goal is – run/jog- more than I walk while on the treadmill building up to being able to just run for 30 minutes total.
· Work out at least 6 5 days per week for at least 45 minutes at a time (6 would be great but I have to be realistic!!!)
· Dedicate 15 minutes per day to my LPC test (more once registered)- I HAVE SO BEEN DOING THIS!!! YAAAY
· Blog at least twice a week with one of the blogs being an update on these and possibly other goals (I have been totally slacking on this but I am trying yall. Thanks for reading!!! *add an official weigh in day post with scale pictures, starting January 1, 2013*

Now what is goal setting without REWARDS!!!!!! SO I have given myself little rewards along the way. I am definitely broke as shit for now working class so I had to space these goals out! LOL… here they are:

· Lose 15 pounds- buy some one new cute gym outfit (as of today I am 8 11 pounds down from my unbelievably high tear jerking start weight)- I am tired of looking a hot GARBAGE TRUCK of a mess and all these people are in the gym matching there outfits like they are headin to a party..
· Lose 25 pounds- buy new gym shoes  pumps from Bakers with the bag to match
· Lose 40 pounds- go wedding dress shopping and not cry in the dressing room – (that’s a different post) PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN BY MARCH!!!!
· Lose 65 pounds- Hello old body, new wardrobe and most importantly- WALK DOWN THE ISLE FULL OF CONFIDENCE IN A MERMAID/ FIT AND FLARE DRESS AND MARRY MY BEST FRIEND!!!! The date is officially set to November 30, 2013.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have to agree, I love google too. What would we do without it? You have some great goals. I also like how you have rewards set in place for after you lose so many lbs! Great idea!

  2. Hey Robin!!! Thanks for commenting! Google is amazing how many times have we thought "oh I will just google it" LOL!!!! What was life like before google?... I need the rewards they give me something to look forward to! Happy New Year

  3. heehee I like that you decided to make realistic goals. I've soooo been there where you make goals that you KNOW FOR A FACT are out of your reach(whatever the reason may be). Readjusting is key. That way you can feel accomplished when you obtain the goals you set out for and then you can feel more confident when you set new and higher goals! Goodluck, girl!

    1. LOL!!!! I am so guilty of that so I had to readjust. When I set the goals that I KNOW are not going to happen I later feel down because they didnt happen. Its a vicious cycle that I decided to break!!! Thanks for commenting


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