Monday, December 17, 2012

Lose Lips!!!!

SO we are having a great trip and talking about coming back and my daughter says she wants to come back to visit “brians” family. NEWS FLASH!!!!! My fiancés name is Jeff!!! Brian is the ex. So mortified is an understatement of what I was feeling. But what do you do? My daughter seemed to feel bad because she couldn’t even hold her head up. JEFF tried to shrug it off but he was feeling some kind of way, and who can blame him… So ladies what would you do? Well I never know what to do*shot out to all you know it all mommys who have it all figured out* so I made her apologize asked him if he was ok and tried moved the hell on. Needless to say the mood shifted dramatically… Let me give you some back story when I was dating Brian (and was 30 pounds lighter*sigh*) Zahiyah spent the whole day calling him Nate (the one before him)… Yep my kid is loose lips McGEE LOL… I really felt bad for Jeff. I mean what was he thinking? Like oh I have done all these things for you two and you call me some other guy? Or maybe I am reading too much into it and an 8 year old made a mistake and this is not the end of the world….who knows… I never do


  1. Not exactly the same but bro got divorced a couple of years ago. He and my family are still on good terms with the ex. She and I hangout. My brother has been dating a new girl. He is head over heels for her. She's great. He couldn't ask for better. The ex was not even half as good to him as his new gal! The problem? WE KEEP FREAKIN' CALLING HER BY THE EX'S NAME! Not on purpose, of course. It is simply the office she holds. For such a long time we were used to calling my bro's girl a certain name that switching that out is a mental task. It will take time but the kids will catch on. And hopefully Jeff will know it's not meant as a slight against him.

  2. OHHHH NOOOO!!!!!! LOL!!! That is terrible! I have done it to some of my brother's new gfs as well bc he was with his ex wife for ever. uggghh. I guess it is just one of those thimgs you know? Jeff was great he pretended it was all good. Secretly I know he felt something (not sure what though)


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