Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pictures, Workouts, In-laws Oh MY!!

Hello out there! LOL Ok so so much has been happening let me just upload some phone pics so I can remember share with you because I know you care LOL
My hair is cute though LOL
Well this was me Monday, and speaking of which it won. I had a rough Sunday (See post) so Monday had a head start on me. Well to top that off I did not work out. I know I'm losing with that but I did not overindulge in any food, sweets, or alcohol! Like I told myself this morning today is a new day for me to get it right.... I met the future in laws this weekend and it went very well!!!! They liked me they liked me *does happy dance* and here are some pictures from that trip. If you follow my Instagram and you SHOULD!!!! you have seen some of these!

Riding along snapping like a tourist! LOL

Dinner Drinks
Light show

The Arch
My baby

at the Flea market  playing around

The fiance, His Father, and my mini me

On the road headed there

Thursday my little one was sick and I had to pick her up from school early. Well the lady slid me a piece of paper making sure I knew she could not come back until 24 hours fever free later. I'm thinking lady she is 8 I have done this a time or two!!!... Anywho I know I have talked trash about my job and while I meant most of it and the pay is crappy (wait where was I going with this) on Friday I took my baby with me and this is what she did.... And no she did not come into any contact with the clients. Fridays are my light days and when I had a client she went into another room.
Watching TV enjoying being sick

I wheeled in the TV so she could be entertained
 So I guess there are some perks to my job. No one batted an eye. Sure she cant come daily but hey it was an emergency. Now what you really want to know is have I been working out. YES I HAVE!!!!! I say that with such pride because it is so easy for me to lose focus and start saying oh I will do it tommorow. I am going to start my 30 day shred count over because I have not been consistent, and I really want to get in 30 workouts in 30 days. That wont be happening until Jan 4, 2013 though. In the mean time I will be doing it in the mornings along with my other stuff. I am just no longer counting the days because I missed so many. And because we all do it here are some sweaty pics LOL


Notice the outfits are different LOL I have been doing it!!! Go ME!!! Well I believe that about sums up things this way! Hope all is well with you and your goals, and you are done shopping because it is getting wreck less out here LMBO!!!
*sips water as I try to make sure I get it all in before I go home*


  1. Yeah for meeting the ILs! That is always fun :). Glad the workouts are going well. Thinking about starting the Shred again in Jan, even though I can't stand it.

  2. I was nervous but it went well thank goodness! Yes those 20 minutes are the devil. But I need some results soooo in January I'm back to it


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