Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tag your It

No matter how old we get it is still the same game, TAG your it. I think I’m playing you while you think you are playing me. It’s funny because really we are both just playing. We run around the playground laughing and smiling I want to be caught and you want to catch me but the game must be played… or must it? As soon as I decide I’m no longer running and I open up to you the game is reversed and you run. Even in reverse the game is still on because I must chase. It seems we are all powerless to the game. *shrug* … So when does it end? When will I ever want to be caught by the guy that’s chasing me and when will he ever want me to stop running at the same time that I decide love is what I want? I am reminded of L. Hill singing “it could all be so simple but you’d rather make it hard”… LOL it’s funny that I always say I want love but do I? Or am I just playing hide and seek like most of the men? At this point I have to start to ask myself IS IT ME?

*smiles at Random unknown # texting Happy Valentine’s Day and replies… now back to work*
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