Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Goals and Updates...

Before I get into this post let me say I love that you can "google" anything you want! I typed in "run motivation" and lots of good blog worthy images. I only used a few though...


So in November I set some goals. I was trying to keep from being a dumby setting NY resolutions that I know I wont keep so I decided to start early. You can see that post here. I have since made some changes to them and I of course want to share because you all love me and my life so much I need to be held accountable. So here are my revised goals…
· Complete a total of 25 15 miles per week (Monday- Sunday) with at least 10 8 of those miles done on the treadmill…*Who the hell was I kidding with this one? Hell there are at least 2 days per week I CAN NOT make it to the gym at all… SMH
· Shave a whole two minutes off my mile time by December 1, 2012. This did not happen consistently. Some days it did other days it definitely did not. I am no longer concerned about my mile time but my overall endurance. I WANT TO BE A RUNNER!!! Who cares if I run an 8 minute mile and then pass out??? So the new goal is – run/jog- more than I walk while on the treadmill building up to being able to just run for 30 minutes total.
· Work out at least 6 5 days per week for at least 45 minutes at a time (6 would be great but I have to be realistic!!!)
· Dedicate 15 minutes per day to my LPC test (more once registered)- I HAVE SO BEEN DOING THIS!!! YAAAY
· Blog at least twice a week with one of the blogs being an update on these and possibly other goals (I have been totally slacking on this but I am trying yall. Thanks for reading!!! *add an official weigh in day post with scale pictures, starting January 1, 2013*

Now what is goal setting without REWARDS!!!!!! SO I have given myself little rewards along the way. I am definitely broke as shit for now working class so I had to space these goals out! LOL… here they are:

· Lose 15 pounds- buy some one new cute gym outfit (as of today I am 8 11 pounds down from my unbelievably high tear jerking start weight)- I am tired of looking a hot GARBAGE TRUCK of a mess and all these people are in the gym matching there outfits like they are headin to a party..
· Lose 25 pounds- buy new gym shoes  pumps from Bakers with the bag to match
· Lose 40 pounds- go wedding dress shopping and not cry in the dressing room – (that’s a different post) PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN BY MARCH!!!!
· Lose 65 pounds- Hello old body, new wardrobe and most importantly- WALK DOWN THE ISLE FULL OF CONFIDENCE IN A MERMAID/ FIT AND FLARE DRESS AND MARRY MY BEST FRIEND!!!! The date is officially set to November 30, 2013.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pictures, Workouts, In-laws Oh MY!!

Hello out there! LOL Ok so so much has been happening let me just upload some phone pics so I can remember share with you because I know you care LOL
My hair is cute though LOL
Well this was me Monday, and speaking of which it won. I had a rough Sunday (See post) so Monday had a head start on me. Well to top that off I did not work out. I know I'm losing with that but I did not overindulge in any food, sweets, or alcohol! Like I told myself this morning today is a new day for me to get it right.... I met the future in laws this weekend and it went very well!!!! They liked me they liked me *does happy dance* and here are some pictures from that trip. If you follow my Instagram and you SHOULD!!!! you have seen some of these!

Riding along snapping like a tourist! LOL

Dinner Drinks
Light show

The Arch
My baby

at the Flea market  playing around

The fiance, His Father, and my mini me

On the road headed there

Thursday my little one was sick and I had to pick her up from school early. Well the lady slid me a piece of paper making sure I knew she could not come back until 24 hours fever free later. I'm thinking lady she is 8 I have done this a time or two!!!... Anywho I know I have talked trash about my job and while I meant most of it and the pay is crappy (wait where was I going with this) on Friday I took my baby with me and this is what she did.... And no she did not come into any contact with the clients. Fridays are my light days and when I had a client she went into another room.
Watching TV enjoying being sick

I wheeled in the TV so she could be entertained
 So I guess there are some perks to my job. No one batted an eye. Sure she cant come daily but hey it was an emergency. Now what you really want to know is have I been working out. YES I HAVE!!!!! I say that with such pride because it is so easy for me to lose focus and start saying oh I will do it tommorow. I am going to start my 30 day shred count over because I have not been consistent, and I really want to get in 30 workouts in 30 days. That wont be happening until Jan 4, 2013 though. In the mean time I will be doing it in the mornings along with my other stuff. I am just no longer counting the days because I missed so many. And because we all do it here are some sweaty pics LOL


Notice the outfits are different LOL I have been doing it!!! Go ME!!! Well I believe that about sums up things this way! Hope all is well with you and your goals, and you are done shopping because it is getting wreck less out here LMBO!!!
*sips water as I try to make sure I get it all in before I go home*

Rest in peace Angels

Words cannot express the feelings I have right now. I’m somewhere between pissed and rageful and numb. I understand there is an order of things and people die but why is today’s world so cruel. My aunt was the victim of a drive by shooting. She did not survive. This happens just days after a madman goes into an elementary school and goes on a killing spree. WHY? What is it that makes people think it is ok to take a life? What’s worse is that crime happens so often that society is becoming desensitized to such acts. Acts that effect the country at large. While I did not know any of the children the thought that it can happen to my own daughter will make me hug her a little tighter and not care that she is trying to stay up past her bedtime. Some people who did not know my aunt will think twice before standing outside (which is very sad). They will give the slow approaching car a second and maybe third glance. See crime hurts everyone. Not just the immediate victims and their families but everyone. It reminds us that one any given day at any school, on any street bad things are possible…

RIP Louise Carter, and all the new baby angels from Newtown…

Monday, December 17, 2012

Lose Lips!!!!

SO we are having a great trip and talking about coming back and my daughter says she wants to come back to visit “brians” family. NEWS FLASH!!!!! My fianc├ęs name is Jeff!!! Brian is the ex. So mortified is an understatement of what I was feeling. But what do you do? My daughter seemed to feel bad because she couldn’t even hold her head up. JEFF tried to shrug it off but he was feeling some kind of way, and who can blame him… So ladies what would you do? Well I never know what to do*shot out to all you know it all mommys who have it all figured out* so I made her apologize asked him if he was ok and tried moved the hell on. Needless to say the mood shifted dramatically… Let me give you some back story when I was dating Brian (and was 30 pounds lighter*sigh*) Zahiyah spent the whole day calling him Nate (the one before him)… Yep my kid is loose lips McGEE LOL… I really felt bad for Jeff. I mean what was he thinking? Like oh I have done all these things for you two and you call me some other guy? Or maybe I am reading too much into it and an 8 year old made a mistake and this is not the end of the world….who knows… I never do

Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday and we have a DATE!!!!!

Welcome back!!!! LOL just kidding I'm the one that has been gone... ITS MONDAY!!!! So honestly it was tie between Mr. Monday and I. Work was ok, the scale gods were merciful, and work was uneventful for the most part. So lets see what have I been up to aside from sucking at my goals... Oh yea I HAVE A WEDDING DATE!!! The ceremony and reception venues have been booked and I will be married on November 30, 2013. *pops it and drops it like its hot, and flips my hair* ok Im back!!! LOL... So ready for some randomness and updates sure you are that's why you are still reading, oh and WELCOME to my new followers!!!

I woke up a little late and this was breakfast!

May just make this breakfast so I will be sure to have something

So yes I slipped up and had one of these the other days... I should have just gone for liquor because this thing while delicious is FULL of sugar!!!

December 1 was mini me's birthday. We had a small family thing and it went well! I am obsessed with We love princess Tiana so I had to have this cake that's the cake we chose! 

Recently we looked at old pictures and she saw her first birthday and decided she wanted to recreate the look!... Im on a never ending diet so I said go for it!!!

8 years ago God saw fit to send me an Angel!!! Love this Diva

I became lazy and just stopped trying the holidays and traveling for the wedding got in my way and I didn't exercise as much but, I managed to control my eating and make healthy choices so my weight did not go up! the one pound I did gain left. I guess all the water drinking does work! Here are some meals I took pictures of...

My fiance makes the best Salmon ever!!!!
Lunch was catered at work one day

12.45 mile! the time is slowing going down!!!

Today I worked out and was in a grove and at 9 minutes I had completed .77 of a mile and because I'm huge, run weird and was trying to stay focused and keep running then I hit the emergency stop and my information was lost. I was SOOOOO pissed and I'm sure I could have beat my time. Oh well that is just motivation for tomorrow!!! 

So how have you all been since I been gone? How was your holiday?

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