Monday, January 21, 2013

5 for 5 Link up

Hello ladies!!! I have decided to link up with Jenn and Jessica for the 5 list. Since I am doing so well with my ither link up I have become ever so ambitious!!! If you have been under a rock and havenet heard if it (like I was) then  here. Since this is my first time I have nothing to report so lets get to the list:
  1. Start the 30 day shred... I have made it to day 12 but never beyond... #LOSING
  2. Deep clean my home, even if I have to go a room per day. (My house is not big, its an apartment actually so you have no idea how lazy that makes me sound LOL)
  3. Fold the laundry that is already done... I despise laundry and in my residence I can never get ahead of the game
  4. Do a little homework every night -Im in grad school...AGAIN... and this procrastination will be the death of me.
  5. Juice one meal per day every day this week- hey I have to start small I Love food.

So there you have my 5 now head on over and link up your 5!!!


  1. Hey there, I'm Nikki stopping by from the 5for5 hop. Eek, Laundry sucks & i feel your pain on that. I usually deep clean once a month. It usually takes several cups of coffee and then i reward myself with a nap. I hope your having a great Monday! Come by to say hi if ya get a chance? Your blog is cute!


    1. Thanks for stopping by!!! Yes laundry is a gift from the devil LOL... I try to deep clean once a month as well. Yes coffee and loud music!!! LOL thanks!!


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