Monday, January 7, 2013

The Pink Bridal Show!!!!

Hey hey hey!!! Ok So I am under the 12 month mark before I say I DO!!! *does happy dance* Let me just say that it is very exciting and overwhelming. I have never planned a wedding before. I watched a friend of mine do it and saw some things I liked and hated but man there are a bunch of details that you really have no idea about. The day I got engaged I ran out and got this binder after spending 30 minutes in the book store comparing. While it is pink and pretty and came with a nice carrying bag because it is huge it is overwhelming as hell, and has a lot of things you do not need. I for one write big and the sheets they give you to compare vendors leaves no room for notes. Sooo I ditched there sheets, decided to get my moneys worth went to google and pinterest and got more ideas. I went  here to get better ideas on creating my own binder. Now I still have the pink thing I have just decrapped it and added stuff that I honestly need..... Now moving on...

wait one more thing.. I know some of you are all like uh hu what about technology "there is an app for that" and I know there is because I have downloaded and uninstalled all of them LOL!!!! But I like the pen and paper thing. Plus I have dreamed about having a wedding binder FOR EV VER!!! LOL Some things I am using Excel for and simply printing out new sheets as they are updated. Once I figure out how to link them I will but for now go to the above cite she is awesome..... 

So I went to the Pink Bridal Show and it was amaze balls. My fab fiance, maid of honor, and mom went with me.

Pink is not my fav color but hey it was hella fun. There were a lot of vendors and I made some great contacts, If anyone is in the market for wedding planning go to a bridal show. It is like a on stop shop. Dont wear heels though it is a lot of walking I felt bad for this one bride clearly her feet were hurting (Ok secretly I laughed at her she should have known better lol)
wrist band
my badge ... I was VIP lol

Another sign

The convention center
Sorry  didnt get more pics I was on a mission... Expect more wedding post as things start to unfold... Oh yea stay tuned Im doing my very first link up tonight
 once I figure out how LOL


  1. That does like fun. Good luck with all the planing! I hope it all comes together seamlessly.

  2. Thank you! I'm ahead of schedule so far so that's exciting!


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