Monday, February 11, 2013

Its Monday... Again

DAMNIT ITS MONDAY AGAIN!!!!!! LOL  where does the time go... Swear to you I was just leaving for the weekend. Anyway It has been hella crazy in my neck of the woods so excuse my absence. I know my followers have missed me so much. LOL I kid I kid... I mean anything that can go wrong has went wrong but my family and I made it through because God has a plan... Before I cry and get all holy let me keep it pushing.. Ok the highlight of the weekend was that my babe starred in the stage play Deception!!! Woot woot YOU GO BOY!!!! This was not the actual flyer just one of my faves because he is sooo silly!
Pastor Wes Morgan, gospel recording artist, and actor from the Tyler Perry play- Laugh to keep from crying- was also in the play. He was the actual headliner. For real yall my boo killed it! Im not even being biased. I listened to the crowd and they loved him!!! Since I was not wearing a my fiance is in the play shirt I have to assume they were being honest LOL!!!... Ok moving on...

My friend sells these shakes (plus supplements, pills, and a host of other stuff related to fitness and health) and I have been having them for breakfast. They are comparable to slim-fast but supposed to be better because they are from natural products blah blah... the point is they do curb my appetite and they taste good. In my book that is a WIN!!! Want more info her site is here. She does not know I blog and has no idea I just gave her a major plug LOL..

 I am not weighing in this week. Its not only TOM but I kinda fell stepped off the wagon a little bit. I had some pizza and one piece of cake. I actually felt bloated yesterday, today not so much. Either way Im not fooling with the she devil known as the scale. I actually like weighting every other week, and may just adopt that practice. I have a tendency to get so caught up on the numbers that I miss the fact that I didn't shimmy into my work pants this morning and they are not digging into my stomach because they are so tight. Or the fact that this weekend I wore jeans that around Thanksgiving I could not get above my thunder thighs! My clothes actually fit now. Im feeling really good about these black pants Im wearing today, sorry no pic I had the Monday blues and was running late! LOL.

Someone said "hmmm you looking a little thin" so Im all like yay plus I rolled my hair on flexi rollers and wanted to document the curls LOL!!!

Any way Happy Monday folks! Lets have a great week!!!!


  1. I love flexi rods! I didn't weigh in either...Maybe next week lol!

  2. It is ok to take a week off from weighing in if you need it. We all have bad weeks, shake it off, so to speak and I know you can get back on track :)

  3. You are doing a great job. Pizza and some cake is fine in moderation. Having cheat meals is vital to success when you are embarking on such a long journey. Love the curls!

  4. A friend of mine, who happens to be a fitness instructor, says everything is fine in moderation. Unfortunately, her idea of moderation and mine are probably totally different. I think that's one of the reasons she doesn't have an ounce of fat, and me? Well..... nevermind.

    You're doing great, just don't lose focus.

    BTW - pretty curls. Have you tried the curlformers? I tried them, and my straight as a board hair came out looking like Shirley Temple. LOL! I wanted curl, and girl I GOT IT!


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