Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Management and Photo Dump


Its MONDAY again... Is it me or does Ms. Monday sneak and creep  around super quick? Seriously I was just packing up to leave my office for the weekend and yet here I sit for a whole new week....

 Oh well I must admit that I was highly disappointed last night with the 49ers losing however the Steelers fan in me was excited that they didn't tie us with 6 rings LOL!!! #STEELERNATION BABY!!!!...I just really didn't want the Ravens to win...

Now on to what you all want to know. How much weight did I lose. LOL! I must be the one pound queen because my weight this morning (after I used the bathroom of course) was 203. Womp Womp. which means in two weeks I lost one pound. To make that sound better...I am proud to say that for the month of January I went from 211 to 204 for a total loss for the month of 7 pounds!!!!! YAAAY That's not water weight folks because the weight has stayed off and I continue to torture myself and drink water. Im so close to onederland I can taste it. So my goal this week is to get there!!!! I finally moved up to Level 2 of JM30DS can we say my everything is sore!... Geesh.... Well here is a photo dump for those losers of you who dont follow my instagram!! Enjoy

My accountability calender. finally I worked out more days than not!!!

Im loving the new hair!! Finally I can go to the gym and sweat like a man and have no hair worries later

We got a little snow on Saturday but it was all good because I worked out at home.... the snow was gone by 3/4 anyway LOL.
Who doesn't love some good ole sweaty pics!
I was tired

Took a back shot so I could do a progression picture..... when there is some progression

Being silly after the gym

On my way to the gym, mad because I knew I was going to mess up my hair LOL

JM30S Level 2 for the first time... It was something serious!!!!

My family after the fiance performed at an open mic night


This is her new favorite pose LOL
That jacket is buttoned with NO girdle baby!!!!! Whoo hoo

My sexxy man!! Love him

LOL My shoes... Yea Im something like a shoe whore! LOL
Well there you have it... how was your weekend? Hows the weight loss? any new pics to share? Happy Monday!!!!



  1. Congrats on the loss this week! Love your new hair do. I need to get mine cut! Your mini me is so cute! she certainly knows how to pose!

  2. Hey girl! You are doing great! I am 8 lbs from ONEderland! We can do this! Your hair looks great, love the family pic and the shoes! Keep up the great work! Show those 5 lbs who is boss! :)

    1. We will be in onederland before you know it!!!! Thanks for the support!

  3. You are doing awesome! 1 pound is better than nothing! Plus, they say the slower you lose the easier it is to keep off. I keep tellling myself this over and over again in my head and it helps for awhile. Ha ha
    Here is to another great week!

  4. Loving the new do! And your little mini me is a precious little bundle of cute and sassy!

  5. Loving that jacket on mini-me. And youre shoes, girl... FIERCE! oh ya, and your sexxy man is stylin' & profilin'. We can't leave him out. LOL!

  6. I need those shoes! Great job, Toya! Keep up the hard work.

  7. I'm so with you about the Super Bowl! Steeler Nation still has our 6 :)

    1 lb is a good loss, don't be too hard on yourself. You are doing an amazing job!

  8. Love the calendar - I do something similar! Keep up the great work!

  9. Great job working out! I need to make an accountability calendar.

    Inviting you to link up at Weighing In Weekly! :D

    Diana at Nanny to Mommy


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