Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My 100th Post! Lets Recap!!

For my 100th post I got a blog makeover!!!! Hubby Jack is seriously the best ever. Very easy to work with, super polite, just great!!!!  This man is everything!!! If you dont read his blog at least let him Pimp yours LOL... I noticed that I have some new members so...Allow me to reintroduce myself I’m Toya. (faithful readers just enjoy the pictures and the recap LOL) I cuss, I cry and Im not perfect. I enjoy anything funny, wine, my family, wine, wellness, oh and recently Jack and Cokes...
Me with my specs on

 I have been blogging for a while now but when this blog started it was more like an online journal. It was a place to put my feelings outside of Twitter

 I was in a bad head space and those early post reflect that. Then as it always will things got better. I fell into the pattern of being in a different city and having less support with my mini me and we were making it work.

This picture is from a road trip but I love the bathroom selfie HA

 Enter the Mr. He has been amazeballs for my mini me and myself.

 He decided he would stick around and were getting married. (Bring it on Bridezilla LOL Im joking, a little) Thus a family in the making... and because its the only picture of all three of us thats not from phone
Since life changed the direction of this blog changed as Im sure it will do continuously. I am no longer hoping for a happy ending Im living it. Now lets not be foolish, my daughter drives me nuts, the Mr. leaves the toilet seat up, I yell, and Im sure they often think Im bat shit crazy but eh we are happy.
With the wedding in November that gave me an excuse to put my but into high gear and take this weight loss seriously. To date I have lost 24 pounds, and I set my goal at losing 70. when I hit a plateau I juice my way through. It really works. You can read more about my battle with the scale here.  I religiously read Mama Laughlin, Holly's blog, and my bloggy bff's blog V Watts thoughts. These ladies are fabulous and soooo inspiring. There are others that I stalk but you can check out the side bar.
Sorry... I had stopped taking frontal pics because I was so embarrased... and apparently combing my hair LOL
Every Monday I do a weigh in or at least acknowledge that Im avoiding the scale like the plague.
Im in wedding planning mode finally so Im sure I will be posting about that. You can read more about the engagement if you like. Then I came up with the idea to do Wellness Wednesday. You can get the back story on that idea here. All in between I post about the randomness that is my life, and I have been joining more link ups lately as well.
I think this about sums it all up. So new readers and old welcome, and this post just brought you up to speed! LOL.
Have no fear Wellness Wednesday will return next week!!!


  1. Congratulations on getting married! That is so exciting! And I can so relate to your bat sh*t craziness! I'm sure my family thinks the same thing about me! LOL! Love how you keep it real! Have a great day and again, congrats to you!

  2. Yay, love the new look! Hubby Jack does awesome work.

  3. Look at you, miss lady! LOVE the new design! Cheers to our babies, nuptials, weight loss, and being crazy enough to document it all! :)

  4. Congrats on 100 posts! Thank you for the shout out BBFF!:)
    I am so glad to know that your posts have become increasingly happier and from a better state of being. I can see how happy you are in your pics, even the ones right after a workout!hehe
    I went back to your Engagement Post. Your ring is goooorgeous!

  5. And P.S. Looking at your before and afters you have done such a phenominal job. Let's keep it up. We are gonna be even hotter! ;)

  6. Great new look out! Hubby Jack did great. Someday when Im ready, Ill have to hit him up for my own personal look :) Way to go on the 24 lbs lost to date! That is amazing. Also congrats on getting married. Glad you got a great man there for you and your mini-me!! :) Keep up your hard work!

  7. LOVE THIS! I am currently engaged and working towards feeling HOT for my wedding day! You look great :) and so does the new blog layout

    1. Thank you!!!! That white dress is sooo motivating lol!!

    2. Thank you!!!! That white dress is sooo motivating lol!!

  8. 100th post & a pimping out by Hubby Jack? AWESOME!!! You're awesome girl!!!

  9. Congrats on your 100th post. Scale don't tell the real story. That's wht I try to avoid it because am worrying about what the numbers read on the scale. But I still weigh myself on weekly basis to check my progress. You look amazing. I guess it's not too late for me to congratulate you on your engagement. Congrats.

    Blessings from newest follower,


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