Thursday, February 21, 2013

NSV Link Up

Another week of linking up with my Katie and Lex! Often we get toooooo caught up in the number on the scale. Or is that just me? Eh either way this is a time to focus on the positive. You know not the crap or the fat that weighing us all down. I digress...
My victory is short and sweet this week. I was able to complete an arm workout with my fiance. When I tell you all my strength is in my legs I am not kidding. I can squat, lunge, and all the other leg stuff but you ask me to bench press something and I am running for the hills!
Tuesday we decided to reintroduce weight training after a major cardio overload, because you know you have to do both, and since my goal is to lose 70-80 pounds I have a phobia of the dreaded skin so we hit the weights. I was able to complete 7 different upper body stations with no less than 35 pounds, and I did 3 sets of 8 on each station/machine. Im not to fancy in the gym yet and I dont know all the names MY BAD LOL... I did notice that on the machines that work your back (possibly called a lat pull down and/or a row) I was able to really increase the weight I was doing like 70 Woot Woot. So thats my victory.
How did you ladies do?


  1. I need to get some lower body strength.hate.lunges.

  2. Wow, that is HEAVY for upper body! You go girl!

  3. Good job! That is some awesome arm workouts! Congrats! I wish I had strength in my legs. I have none!
    Have a great weekend,

  4. Congrats on your arm workout! That is seriously awesome!

  5. Great NSV! I'm like you...I have strong legs but I don't seem to have much arm strength at all!


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