Monday, March 4, 2013

Biggest Loser Weigh IN

Monday blah blah... For real it was a Monday from hell. The clients were on a ten, my boss was tripping, and the heat was broken. Not a good day for me. This post is a little bit bitter sweet. I'm sure I didn't win (I suck and haven't been keeping up with everyone like I did in the beginning) but I am going to miss linking up with you ladies  If anyone is a new follower be sure to let me know and leave your blog address I will follow back. 

Even though I have become a human trash can for bad food, and alcohol I managed to lose a pound and I'm not sure how. I even took a week off from the gym. My knees were super sore and we moved... on a freakin Tuesday (yet another example of me being bat shit crazy). I mean why did I not take Wednesday off? The one day I work hella late?Why must I wait until the end of the challenge to lose my mind? LOL But a pound lost is a loss!

This brings my stats to- SW 220
CW 196
GW- 150
Total lost -24 pounds
Total lost in challenge- 15 pounds!!!!!!!

Now that this is done I am ready for something else so who is hosting the next link up?!?!?!?!?! I don't think I have enough followers to do so... I have another post about the wedding in the works so stay tuned!!! Just because its what we bloggers do here are some random phone pics:

We were on our way back from Chattanooga... LOL Car Session!!!!

what I do when I get bored in the car and he is busy

As I post this next picture I had a thought... I am going to do a juicing detox for the next week. I have a dress to get into, and I DO NOT need another dressing room melt down....

A little ashamed to post this but isnt the blog about accountability? March MUST be better


  1. Congrats on your weight loss! That's awesome. Your pictures are great and you look fabulous! Love your sun glasses too!

  2. Well hey girl! I came over from MBBL! I'm not sure what you were working with before, but I love your space here after you face lift! I instantly liked your voice as well. Glad to find you and follow. Congratulations on your weight loss! Your family is adorable.

    1. Well Welcome to my sometimes madness!!! LOL Thanks for the compliments. Before I had a pink layout provided by blogger that about 15 other bloggers are using! Thanks for commenting and reading. I usually email everyone back but your email is not connected to your name link!!!

    2. Well I appreciate you coming to visit. Thank you.

  3. Look at you! You are knocking out those LBS!!! Even while not working out. Your body must be a fat burning machine. ;)
    Did I already mention that I am lovin' the new do? I know it's not all that new but it compliments you so well.
    And you KNOW I am staying tuned to read the your next wedding blog. YAY!

  4. Awesome job on the 15 pounds lost...that's a lot to be proud of! When are you getting married? Can't wait to be able to see pictures of you in that dress...I'm sure you'll be looking fabulous!

  5. What a great loss!! Your calendar looks much like my Feb. I finally got my butt back in gear on the 11th. Anxious for wedding details!

    1. Thanks!!!! I have a bunch more to lose. So I need to get it together for March ASAP! !!!

  6. Hey! Way to go on your loss! Thats great! Keep up your hard work. March will be a better month :)


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