Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Biggest Loser Finale and New Stuff

SOOOOO its Tuesday... Monday got the best of me and I really didnt have time to post anything. Anywho... I think I have done very well in the whole Biggest Loser aspect. I made it to onederland, and I can FINALLY see it in my clothes. However I could have totally done better. There were weeks I half assed it in the gym, and ate and drank like I was being paid to do so. Alas we are at the end of the challenge and here are the numbers.....
This brings my stats to- SW 220

CW 196

GW- 150

Total lost -24 pounds

Total lost in challenge- 15 pounds!!!!!!!
The challenge may be over but I still have a wedding in 263 days. So with that being said my journey is far from over. My original goal was 70 pounds total. Don't be silly I knew that wouldn't happen in the challenge I'm just hoping before the wedding. I have to lose as much as possible in before May because that is when I will go dress shopping and Lord knows I want a mermaid dress so bad but I am no fool that style is not for everyone.
I always complain after a workout that my arches (or lack thereof) are burning. Occasionally they have been red, and swollen. So I went to the foot/shoe store and let a professional look at my feet and tell me all the bad things I have been doing. I wont even get into that bit here are some pics...
So apparently I hold all my weight on my right foot, and there are no arches to be found. There is a "slight trying to be arch" in my left foot "but not really" according to the lady at the shoe store.
I get sized... nothing new here. She brings out these shoes and I say "uh hu those are ugly" before I even realize it came out of my mouth. My fiance was mortified. She then tells me that New Balance knows there shoes are top of the line and they dont give you a lot of choice colors. Needless to say the shoes were not really ugly I was just a little thrown by the colors LOL

Sorry for the quality. the fiance really gets tired of being my personal photographer. So instead of getting closer he took the picture a ways away and zoomed in. No worries I will be posting more pics soon. Hopefully these help my poor feet!
In other news when one challenges end there is yet another one. I am linking up with KTJ for the spring 5k challenge. In addition to the stuff I already do I am going to restart the C25K program. I will be starting that tonight and doing it 4 days a week and not 3. Wish me luck! Or hell come on and join the link up party.



  1. hahaha. Your fiance sounds like my husband! I'll ask him to take a pic. He doesn't even care if my eyes were closed or if the pic was in focus. You did great on the challenge! But I know what you mean when you say you could have done better. I allow slip ups and then I wonder why I don't see the results I'd like.
    I hope you reach a weight that makes you feel fabulous at your dress fitting!

  2. Funny! I just posted about my fugly running shoes too LOL. Have to check out the link up and see if it will fit into my training schedule. 4 days running a week is going to do wonders for you if you want to be in that mermaid dress!

    1. Def check it out. Its realky about moving and getting active which you already are! Im hoping the runner will help slim and tone this thicknessI have acquired lol!!! Thanks for rreading!

  3. I wish there were cuter styled running shoes.. Luckily mine aren't that bad! I am starting the C25K challenge tomorrow for this link up mand will be doing it 4 days a week as well. In the past I have done it the 3 days, but I find that I struggle so will up it a day. I may have to make it 5!

    1. Me too! Im settin a goal of 4 days but 5 may be needed!! Thanks for commenting!

  4. My husband is the same way. If he takes a picture of me, some how, only part of me shows and then he is done! That is cool how they can test your feet. I would love to find something like that around here. Great job on the challenge!

  5. Congrats on your 15 lbs loss for the BL challenge. Thats great! Yeey for new shoes and also for linking up with the Spring Challenge. Cant wait to read how well you do with it!

  6. Good luck with your new venture! Congrats on your Jan- March challenge. That was a great success in losing 24 pounds. You will be ready to fit in that mermaid dress by May! We're cheering for you.

  7. 24 pounds!!! So great! Congrats! Also, thanks for sharing and linking up! So glad you had a good experience getting fitted for shoes.

  8. wow such great weight loss! Congrats!

    your newest follower!

  9. What a great loss!

    I am jealous of the new kicks! I desperately need a new pair for my running challenge! I found you on KTJweighing in!

    Keep on Running!



  10. Stopping by from the link up! Great job on the loss! And good luck with C25K! I did it back in September and am training for a half marathon now! You can do it!


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