Sunday, March 10, 2013

Encouraging Photo Dump

SO if you are a reader you know that lately I have been in a funk. I have been dealing with A LOT. I have been feeling guilty about not going to the gym like I should, not being June Cleaver (that is the really domestic perfect housewife right? If not you get it), being stuck at a certain weight, blogging (because sometimes I do it from home and the Mr. rolls his eyes), feeling like a bad parent... You know all the regular crap us mommys feel. No this is  not another Debbie Downer post I was simply setting the back drop...

In an effort to cheer up I decided lets go get the hair done. All women feel better when we feel we look better I am no exception. So I head out to a trendy spot 30 minutes from home to my stylist...

Lunatic Fringe

They gave me Voss water, they also had coffee and coke products

But that fix was only temporary... all those negative things were back in my mind and left me looking like this...

This was me mentally abusing myself thinking of every failure as well as the above mentioned things while looking at my house look like we just moved yesterday...

Why is this not hung up?

So I decided hey loser get off your fat ass and stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something about it sooo...

Excuse the clothes on the couch Im not perfect... I honestly feel better about emptying 3 more boxes and hanging some stuff on the wall. I know some of you trendy moms are frowning at my beige walls but  suck it up I live in an apt complex that will charge out the ass for painting the walls soooo beige it is. I may get some of that movers wall paper at a later date or not LOL...

Which left me feeling like this

I wanted to share this because even as a therapist I have bad days, weeks, and mood swings. Sure I know techniques to help manage my moods but using those techniques is work, and lets be all the way real when yo are feeling down you don't want to work. Its ok. What is not ok is to stay in the funk. Somehow you have to find the strength to fix what is causing you sadness No one can improve your state of being but you (and you Higher Power as you understand him)....

Let me leave you with some pics:

Us at mini me soccer practice

My shirt and bag came in the mail!!!

My babe not wanting to take pictures... :(


  1. I'm in a funk a lot i hat how in bloggy world evryone is martha forreal.

  2. Great post. I think we all hit that spot some days. But you pulled out!

  3. Thanks for posting this and letting us in on your ups as well as your downs.
    You are SO right when you say that we will get in a funk from time to time but you have to WORK to get out of it. It may not just happen on it's own.
    Gosh, I really need to remember this the next time I am feeling down and out.

  4. Your curls look hot! I understand getting in a funk and trying to get out. That's life. I appreciate you keeping it real. I agree with Meet The Browns...these peeps are not Martha Stewart. I know I'm not. I didn't even feel like hanging pictures when I moved and I own the house...I just don't feel like it. So they sit in one room piled up, if someone wants decor, I direct them to that room, lol!

    1. LOL!!! I love that!! my stuff sat there for ever. I agree with you its life we just have to make the best of what we got and keep on truckin!!! Thanks for reading and commenting!!! Oh and thanks for the compliment on my hair!!... Now lets see if I can look like that after this workout tonight!

  5. I love your curls and the shirt is so cute! I get in funks too and the only thing that will cheer me up is cake! Ha!! I wish I could be a Martha or June. I'm so not crafty and my house is messy quite often. It drives me nuts sometimes but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

  6. stumbled on your blog via the blog hop at:

    very cute post!! i LOVE that corner wall piece that you have!!
    SO CUTE!

    New follower via email! :-)


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