Sunday, March 17, 2013

I tried it, hopefully it works!!!!

So in an effort to fit in with the cool kids, organize, and be a great mommy and wife I did a craft!!!. Ok I lied, I put some stuff on my wall LOL!!! I have been seeing the whole family command center on blogs and pinterest and I have always thought it was a great idea but  I live in an apt and space is limited. So I decided to combine two different ideas and here is how it turned out... Feel free to pin this. I need the validation blog hits LMBO...  SO I got the supplies at Staples and Office Max, and the local package store LOL...

For all us new to crafting wine makes it easier and funners for that matter LOL

These are the Martha Stewart office brand pockets (you can find cheaper I'm sure I just love her) 

This is from Office Max and its a strip of cork! like 6.95. I initially wanted a calendar with cork on it but SAVED money doing it this route.

Basic dry erase calender 

I hung the pockets up, I chose 4 because its 3 of us and Bill (as in money owed LOL). We each will place mail, school things, and other notes and reminders in the pockets as needed. I will place the bills in the extra one and eventually put them somewhere to be paid. Come on yall know I'm newly engaged and trying to get domestic (and fit).

I put the strip of cork above the baskets in case mini me or my songwriter (the Mr.) has something that needs attention I will pin it there. My attention span is short and if it is in my face all the time Im less likely to forget

In use

The idea is to clean it out every Sunday and everyone will take there papers where they need to be. Im so tired of random paper piles. So maybe this will help out my family....

There you have it. My first attempt at being crafty/cool bloggery mom like.... You get it LOL!!!! Type you ladies and two gents later!!!


  1. Looks great!! Hope this helps you gets get more organized. I also hate the random paper piles. They are EVERY WHERE!

  2. Good job! I wish I were good at crafting. I have a tutu I'm supposed to make for Eliana by Saturday. We'll see what happens. Send my the DIY vibes you had for this project. :)

  3. ooh i like , I have one , sort of, it's not so cute, and I clearly don't clean it out enough:)

  4. I see you are gonna join this party anyhow, lol. It looks good! I visited your guest post the other data too. Congratulations on expanding as a blogger!

    1. Lol ikr!!! Aww thank you! It was exciting


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