Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday updates and pics

Its Monday... Ugggh can only describe how I am feeling right now. I'm tired. Anywho I'm sure you noticed I have not been positing as frequently I have really been evaluating my blogger goals and such (more to come on that later)... Any who lets have an update... I went to St. Louis with the Mr. and we had a great trip. I often feel bad because his mom is AMAZING  (very churchy) but great nonethless, and my mom... well moving on from there. It started to snow on Sunday and I was all panicky but EVERYONE else was very calm like I was some maniac or something LOL.
This is what I woke up to so I'm all like ummm we should leave. However his mom had other plans she NEEDED us to go to church and see his family and let him be seen (as I am in a quiet panic and having visions of a car wreck)

This is what we left in and I'm like EXCUSE me I am from TN this is a dam BLIZZARD!!!!!!

I came home to this and felt much better LOL
Event though I was on vaca we still worked out (this whole lets eat whatever thing is getting out of control). So I have started a new workout thing I am trying to follow and honestly by the end of the week I'm exhausted so its a real PUSH to get through what I'm doing. I am committed to working out 6 days a week (hence the vaca workout) with 3 days being weight training days with minimal cardio and the other 3 days all cardio.

I did do my first mile in 12.48 min and that is great for me I'm a slow runner have you seen my thighs? LOL... So I will be honest I have actually gained some weight back. Not too much but I can feel it. My clothes don't sag as much and I am fearful of the she devil (AKA the scale) again. Granted this week I did reintroduce weights but I'm sure these lovely outings with the Mr that include cocktails are not helping.

My ring just likes to make guest appearances in my pics LOL
Anyway back to business. I have incorporated weights after researching and seeing how it will help me look slim, and lose weight blah blah. So I am telling myself that this weight increase may be my muscles in shock and holding jack daniels water. The plan this week is to continue weight training but to increase the cardio, water, and reel in all these bad eating and drinking habits. I will be honest on the weekend I may have a cocktail so I'm not going to say no more alcohol. That would be a lie and if you follow my Instagram you would know. However I need to get back in the mindset I was in when I lost my initial weight and not get comfortable because my fat girl pants fit again. I have to remind myself that this is not the size  want to be when I say I DO. This is not a healthy size for me and my hormones. So this week Its time to WERK!!!!!

Something else that has taken me back to bad eating and away from blogging is work and school. I'm usually so good at juggling the two but lately I am overwhelmed. So wish me luck and I will get back on my post grove as soon as possible!


  1. You crack me up! My thighs tend to fight against me on my runs too! I'm glad you made it out of the blizzard of all blizzards. I don't like winter weather either.I'm from Texas where it's nice and hot most time of the year.
    You get extra points for working out while on your trip. You'll been slim and trim for the wedding date with those kinds of decisions.

  2. I think your mile time is faster than mine! Only cocktails on the weekend?! Your amazing and I know you can do it! Also I will be emailing you soon to discuss the MOH thing.

  3. Holding jack Daniels...that's my girl !!!

  4. Hey I nominated you for the liebster award, come check out my post!


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