Thursday, March 7, 2013

No pictures just real words

I know I know I promised Wellness Wednesday would return but I’m not feeling very wellnessy (technical term) right now. I’m not 100% sure whats happening with me but I do know this:
Every daycant be all lose weight, smile, life is great so here it is... Some raw emotions...

I am mad. There are a million reasons why I could be mad, but not one reason sticks out in my mind. Nothing per say triggered this flash of anger, or maybe it was the combination of EVERYTHING. By that I mean EVERYTHING. Money, moving, wedding, combining houses, job, school, weight, lack of gym motivation, fear of that she-devil scale, car issues, LIFE, EVERYTHING.

What I am sure of is the evil looks from the Mr. (who is sick and usually supportive) did not help this angry brew storm I feel. Ok Im a bit of a pack rat. You knew that when we moved. Im easily frustrated and don’t want to talk about it. This was evident in the beginning as well. So I break a cheap ass bookshelf and the look from him was like hell was coming down to swallow us up, or like I called his moma a bitch. The bookshelf was totally repairable, and if not it was on 15 bucks. You get what you pay for… Which brings me to money. Is there ever enough? Will I ever not have buyers remorse (unless its food). Seriously I bout a $20 dry erase/cork board combo and thought forever about returning it…

In an effort to continue this self improvement I started a while ago Im going to blame my mood on my PCOS, and end this on an up note…. I am blessed. I don’t have half the crap I want but I EVERYTHING I need. I eat dinner, and I sleep in a bed (that will be replaced bc Im a spoiled brat and my dad is buying me furniture). I am loved by a few good people, and I am employed. It is always important to count your blessings and remain grateful even in the storm.



  1. Life can get stressful sometimes. And planning a wedding and changing a huge part of your life is no small feat! We all have bad days - allow yourself to have it, pamper yourself (even if it's just a bath), and just keep going!

  2. You have so much going on right now! Its only natural to great stressed and overwhelmed. Sorry Mr. gave you a bad look, it totally sets me off with The Hubs does that to me. I to am a pack rat and hate when its brought up at random times. Its like hello, it didnt just develop! And be thankful Im not a hoarder ;) Tell Mr. that. Be happy Im not a hoarder honey. Keep your chin up, things will get easier once some of these weights are lifted from your shoulders!


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