Monday, March 18, 2013

Wedding Weight and Whatnot

Hey ladies!!! I am very excited that my wedding binder is done!!! Woot Woot!!! If your a reader you know I went out and bought that HUGE pink one that they sell everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE hobby lobby included. It was not easy but with help from this girl I got through it. So here it is...

Me when I thought hey lets put it together

So I decided lets take what we need from the ridiculous binder and place it in the new one. This is in addition to worksheets and spreadsheets I printed online. Read: Google has google documents, and anything from the above referenced site LMBO!!!

SO I started getting frustrated

I'm thinking why did I do this... UGGHHH!!!!!! In the end though it came out nice.

I could have gotten a regular binder but no I had to be a Martha Stewart slut LOL

I did keep this handy hole punch and pouch holder from the pink thing 

Yep I was a sucker and got the Martha matching paper

I also printed a paper calender (for free not Martha) If you want details of what I put inside just see the above link I pretty much copied her totally. Also I did another post you can see HERE that is more detailed about what is actually in the binder and contains links to things I used. I also did a detailed break down at the end of the POST.

For St. Patty Day we went to Hooters. Mini me is gone for spring break and let me tell you. When the kid is away the parents will play!!!!

I didnt have any green so they gave me a fake tattoo

They gave the Mr. one too

Since its Monday I will go ahead and be honest. While I haven't gained any weight I have not lost any either. Partly because I have been a human garbage can and I have not been working out. So I looked at the pics of me when I went gown shopping and kicked my ass back into high gear...

The boo had a protein shake waiting on me

While he was cooking this lovely tasty goodness!!!

Thats all that has been up with me what about you ladies and gents. I have missed yall...


  1. Keep it up girly, i sure you can do it!

  2. So much planning! I bet your wedding is going to be marvelous! And you know I am no stranger to being a human garbage disposle. But it looks like you got back on track. And it's ok that you had a shake while your Boo had that "lovely tastey goodness" because come wedding YOU will be his lovely tastey goodness! Keep up the hard work. :)

  3. You have just gone Martha all over the place girl. Enjoy the planning. Hope you have a better week this week with goals of weight loss. It Beez like that sometimes!

    1. Doesnt it!!! Im really pushing this week so hopefully the scale will be merciful.

  4. Lol at "Martha Stewart Slut". I think you are on the verge of being one of THOSE crafty mommies!

    1. NOOOOOO... ok maybe IDK... always evolving over here LOL!!!!


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