Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wellness Wednesday on a Thursday- Sleep

Ok in an effort to be positive and get back to me let’s do some wellness…

Recently I have had a barrage of clients who “can’t sleep” and it’s weird because I too have been unable to sleep this week. However I know the rules of good sleep hygiene.  So let me share them with you:

·         NO Caffeine after 12pm- seriously I know for some of us on the go moms, and women in general around 2 its like uggh I need that second cup but if bedtime is an issue you should really refrain.

·         No scary/mystery movies at bedtime if you are fearful of a situation (especially if you have PTSD)

·         Exercise is important- is gives you energy but also helps you sleep well, weird I know but eh that’s what the books I read say

·         NO DISTRACTIONS in bed- now I personally read, tweet, blog, and read blogs in bed but when sleep is an issue as it has been this week that is a major NO NO. when you lay down you want your mind to tell your body its ok to shut down not stay up and keep doing this random stiff I am trying to fit in my day

·         No bright lights or loud music- I would say only use wordless music since music has the tendency to bring up memories

·         Have a bed time ritual (ok moms you did it for the kiddos maybe you need on)- do the same thing over and over and your brain will learn that it is bed time- try soothing lotions and soaps. I love Lavender scents when I have a hard time sleeping

·         Do not take naps

·         Have a set bed and wake time, it will help regulate your body


This list is not a cure all and I know some of it wont work for you but its worth a try. Have a great day!!!


  1. Toya, great post! I had to comment because one of the first post I did was on Lifestyle changes to help with Insomnia & OTC help with it Monday! Great minds think alike for sleep awareness month. I think all bloggers have internet connectionitis, lol! If you don't mind my asking..what is your profession?

    1. LOL!!! I didnt know it was sleep awareness month until a client of mine told me and I thought well there is my next Wellness post! Oh yea to answer your question I am a mental health therapist.

  2. Great tips. I can usually fall asleep very quickly but I am up so early. I always smile on the weekends when I jump out of bed at 6. I enjoy waking up early though. The house is so quiet and I have an hour or 2 to myself!! Love it!

  3. THANK YOU so much for the tips. You know as a new mama I don't get much sleep. I am going to have to try these tips. I need some beauty sleep.


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