Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Liebster Award

Just when I was feeling unimportant my girl Shana hooked me up with this nice award. Go check out her blog she is amazing!!! The point is to tell 11 facts bout yourself, then answer 11 questions and nominate 11 people that dont have a lot of followers. (I think)...
So lets get to it: My facts are----
I like Pepsi over coke
Girfriends is my all time fav show and I often throw in quotes from the show and people believe I’m cooler than I really am because they didn’t watch the show lol
I’m soooo TEAM ANDROID!!!!!
I’m pissed about google reader leaving and not totally sure how I feel about bloglovin
I hate running outside but have a growing love affair with the deadmill
I want to lose 50 more pounds but struggle to eat right- bad food really calls my name
My fave color is blue
I have one child
I’m engaged
I’m a second time around grad student- not really sure why I did this to myself again ugghhh
I have a stuffed animal named Jo Jo that I REFUSE to get rid of… he even went to college with me LOL
I was asked-
How long have you been blogging?- I started blogging in 2011.

What's your advice to someone who wants to build their readers and commenter’s in blog? Considering that I don
t have many LOL I would probably say do link ups and connect with other bloggers, blog consistently (I need to do better) and a give way wouldnt hurt. I also know some newer bloggers who attribute their growth to sponsoring blogs that are very popular.

Have you ever met any of your bloggers? Aside from my friend Larry (which is how I started blogging) Nope

What's your favorite season and why? Spring and only because my birthday is in the spring LOL Otherwise it would be summer.

Do you believe in God and what kind of relationship do you have with him? I definitely believe in God. I pray daily and believe that with him all things are possible. I cannot quote verses and such but Im learning.

Do you have kids if so how many and ages and names? I have a daughter named Zahiyah (mini me as I refer to her often on the blog) and she is 8.

Have you read any good books if so what do you recommend to a book lover? I admit I have not been reading like I used to I
m trying to get some balance and order in my life, however anything by Eric J. Dickey is a must read in my humble opinion.

What's one movie you can watch a hundred times and it never gets old? Boyz N the Hood
really any of the early John Singleton movies. Love him!
If you could change 3 things about your physical appearance what would it be? I would have a flat stomach, smaller thighs, and no more saggy mommy boobs Really I just want to be skinnier otherwise Im good with me!

What is your fave snack? Cucumber sand white cheddar cheese
I LOVE it!!!

What all websites do you visit when you're online? My school website (grad school sucks), blogger, gmail
I do other social media from my phone like twitter and Instagram
I nominate: Heather


  1. Hey Toya! Congrats! Awards are so fun and they you feel good! I'm team Android but find myself lately wanting to step outside the relationship for good, lol. I can watch Boyz N the Hood repeatedly as well. It's a classic!!! The chocolate in that movie is srumpdidelyumpcious! Discussing comments on the blog currently If your nominator is reading this..I'd love to have you over to hear your opinion.

  2. Thanks for the nomination! Just to make sure I do it correct, I post 11 facts about my self... Are you supposed to give me questions to answer or do I answer the questions you answered? lol


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