Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The ugly truth, Pictures, and a GIVEAWAY!!!

Guess whose back!!! time to share with you ladies....So here it is, my truth. I mean the whole point of this blog is to have people validate me right write what I want and be accountable for my weight while documenting my life. Ok Im procrastinating so I will get to it…. I have been totally slipping in EVERYTHING….

Honestly my weight loss has stalled I have not helped it with this whole eating like a man and falling back into old habits. I’m avoiding the scale AGAIN because let’s face it I don’t even want to know what she has to say at this point. I have been working out though so that is always a good thing!

I have sucked in school. I can make A’s without trying. I’m not bragging I’m being factual and let’s be clear these are A’s in Psychology and Counseling not Calculus and Chemistry but they are A’s nonetheless. Well I will be making a B in this class because there were some assignments I simply didn’t do. WHO DOES THAT?????? Apparently I now do…

My home is not as clean as it should be, my progress notes at work are behind, when was the last time I blogged again…. Whew this is kind of depressing so I will end it on a high note.

 My birthday was great!!!
the Mr. waiting patiently as I prepped

Moma's gotta brand new bag!!!!!

He did not complain about the car photo session on my day!!!

Why is my arm so huge???? Uggghhh

Oh well my dress is CUTE!!!!!!

Stopped here for a snack and so I could do some homework

I have a love hate relationship with these shoes I should have taken a side picture
If you know me you know I LOOOOVE Chillis. Also the Mr. and I had our first date, and he propsed at this Chillis

See this is why I am avoiding the scale and that Margarita was TERRIBLE to me

So I had to change and head to the Soccer field that other dress was a bit short for all the wind on the field with the kiddos LOL!!!

Thats my girl!!!!!

 I am back in weight loss mode, and let me tell you it is a journey. I applaud the women who just are fit and it comes so naturally and they never want a burger or fried anything. I however slip up and it is a struggle. I have started running outside while my family practices soccer. I was even doing my own little HIIT routine (15 sec squats, 15 sec Jumping Jacks, run 30 sec and some other stuff I was playing around with) with the stop watch on my phone I know the people driving by thought I was CRAZY LOL!!!  I could probably do a separate post on how much I took the Deadmill *cough* Treadmill for granted. Running outside is a BEAST BABY!!!!!

Mini Me made straight A’s on her report card!!!! She  is totally excelling in soccer. One of the coaches said “she is neck and neck with (star kids name)!!!!!”. This is like a huge compliment. I mean when this kid is late to a game all the parents are like have you seen him where is he and there is a sigh of relief when he arrives.

The Mr. performed at the Gospel Music City Awards Pre Show, and was on a radio show that will be played nationwide on Sunday  promoting his original song “He’s All Good”- gospel, and play Deception Fooled by a Feeling. I have nominated myself as his Wife-ager (Wife and manager) LOL, and he has nominated me to be his photographer which is fine because I LOOOVE pictures. I usually prefer to be in them.

this was his part

So see I have been busy but I will be working on some better time management so I can get back to posting more regularly but family first and it seems that they have needed me more….I may try to be like to cool bloggers and get post ready ahead of time so there is less pressure IDK I guess blogging is a new adventure for me as well.
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  1. Don't worry, girl. We all slip up! Just keep going - no matter what, don't give up. That is what separates those who are successful at losing weight and those who aren't! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming....

  2. Its ok girl.. i fallen off this past 2 weeks too.. but i am ready to start back tomorrow... eating better and working out!

  3. Ok Ok I will give you a break! You have actually been really busy. Waaaaaaaay busier than I have been! Last time I was your area I tried to get Larry to take me to Chili's and he turned it down!!! Saying he was tired of Chili's! Can you believe that! Who gets tired of Chili's?? Glad you got to go for your birthday tho!

  4. So much good stuff! Glad you had a good birthday! The bag is too cute! Congrats to the hubs on the performance and the kiddo for making good grades.

    I struggle with eating healthy all the time. Workouts are super easy but I like certain things that I'm not willing to give up. I need to moderate my intake of them though.

  5. I fell off the wagon last week for sure! I parktook in more candy, pasta, burgers and fries than I'd care to admit to. I'm proud of you for keeping up with the workouts throughout the bad eating though. That's great. Usually I tend to let the workouts go as well when I am eating unhealthy. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I like the new purse. Now, let's get back to work and let it do what it do!


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