Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What its Wellness Wednesday!!!!

Its Wednesday I’m feeling good (no reported client relapses today) and I have some minor down time so let me see if I can pull this post together! Lately my clients have been struggling with decision making. It seems so easy to me. Weigh your options and go with the one that is best for you. I am a list person so I write out the pros and cons and boom the decision kind of makes itself. Still you wouldn’t believe how hard that may be for some for whatever reason.  So the 7 clients I saw today inspired this post. How to make a decision….

1.       Look past the moment.- In recovery lingo they say “play the tape all the way through.” This just means once the decision is made what type of benefits and consequences may follow. A sign of immaturity is going for that instant gratification, and making the decision in the present moment not caring what happens next. It is important to remember one decision may have very long lasting term benefits or consequences.

2.       Is this a head or a heart choice?- Head choices tend to be practical, calculated, and make a lot sense. While heart choices feel right they speak to your passions as a person. Now this one is tricky because in some instances you need to follow your heat, but there are also times when it may lead you astray and you have to use your head. In my personal life the choices I am most happy with had a good combo of the two.

3.       Ask yourself will I be ok if this doesn’t work?- When thinking about failure this includes money, love, relationships, energy and time that we feel is wasted. Should your decision not work out the way you planned are you resilient enough to bounce back. For example betting your whole life savings on a race. If you lose then what? Do you have income to rebuild what you lost?

4.       How will this effect those around me?- This is especially important for those of us who are attached to someone (ie- kids, spouses).  Once the decision is made should it be great or a great disaster how are others effected. Keeping the race example from above if you lose your saving will your children be able to attend college, get braces?

So there you have it. This post pretty much sums up the day I have had LOL. Except that I often have to say how will drugs effect the outcome? LOL Hope you enjoyed this. What’s your decision making process?


  1. Decisions are hard to make. I have some to make myself but I'm just gonna rely on God to take control of it.

  2. It depends on the issue. Sometimes I'm in the moment for instant gratification and other times I go through this procees quite similar and make calculated decisions. Usually where I screw up as I told you yesterday is the relationship dept, lol. Everything else is pretty good.

  3. The engineer in me comes out for decision making. I definitely write things out and weigh both sides. On big things, I am not a snap decision-maker.

  4. Hi Toya! Some great points to ponder. There are consequences to ALL our decisions...good or bad! Love husband's motto..."play hard now, work hard hard now, play long later". Thanks so much for the follow...following you back via GFC and Bloglovin'. Have a wonderful weekend!!


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