Thursday, May 23, 2013

DIY wedding binder

So I skipped the video challenge because I was guest posting however I am back!!!


So this post was a little intimidating. I mean have you ladies read your own blogs??!!! Crafts, fitness,make-up, cleaning, organizing whew. I'm good at therapy lol and there is really not a DIY way to do that besides exercise... Still I have never been the one to back away from a challenge (read: played basketball in middle school and was terrible). 

Today I am going to use an older post but focus it in a bit and give details. I am going to tell you how I created my own wedding planner binder and hopefully you will find it useful. Let me first give credit to the lady I stalked followed and who's binder I pretty much copied. You can read her post here. This site also has printables that WILL BE helpful.

So I am a Martha Stewart fan. Judge me!!!! My supplies come from her collection. You can totally get the same things from elsewhere but again I'm a Martha whore, and eventually want my home office to to be full of her stuff.

 Ha I added\my ring to try to be creative. Pin it if you like I would love you forever!!!

In front I have a hole punch that came with my original binder (that was way too much and very overwhelming see this post), a pouch for coupons,post its, pens, and samples, a card holder, and a month to month calender. I am a paper type of girl.Sure my phone has a calender but after syncing FB it is too much!!! So I stick with what works for me. You may find it easier to use an electronic calender.

Things start really happening in June LOL

I created the following dividers:

Info/Checklist- I have contact information for the bridal party, vendors, and several checklist. Google has documents you can search for wedding timelines, or use this one it all depends on what you want. I have a few because some list have things others do not.

Budget- I have a Vendor payment tracking sheet and a budget planner. I use an Excel doc to keep up with my budget.

Ceremony- I have my pastor's information, as well as the church information and contact numbers since it is not my home church. I also have the order of the ceremony. This is written on my Martha paper because I couldn't find one I wanted to copy and the Mr had his own ideas.

Photographer- A list of must have photos, the contract and receipts from the photographer, and the names of those needed for pictures.

Florist- Here is the proposal from the flower company (I will get a contract after these girls buy there dresses LOL). That is all I have here because I'm not big on flowers and really don't want them for decor.

Reception- Here I have a timeline for the reception  and ALL the information from the host hotel. This includes my contract, receipts, and menus (we haven't picked a meal yet LOL).

Wedding Planner- Here I have the contract from the wedding planner. They are providing day of coordination and they are designing the wedding. I also have samples of their work, and references.

Music- I have a list of potential DJ's and a pianist. Once I make a selection a contract will be placed here. I also have a play list and songs that we want played and when. This includes a do NOT play list as well.

Other- This is information I found on changing my name, and various honeymoon things. This section is really a honey-DO list for the Mr because he is definitely in charge of the honeymoon. I mean geesh I'm planning the whole wedding!

Gifts- Here I have a list and various gift ideas for people that need gifts including attendants and parents. We are toying with Welcome gifts but they are dependent on the budget.

Paper-  Just Martha paper... Told you I was a Martha groupie!!! Hey planning a wedding you take a lot of notes!!!

So a lot of my templates come from this site. CHECK IT OUT if you or someone close to you is planning a wedding!!! Of course google my boo Martha's weddings and you can sign up for emails and such! Tell me what you think and Pin it if you like!


  1. I love this! I had a wedding planner once, actually I think I still have it - from when I was about to take the plunge. The thing was SO overwhelming. I think it's great to make one yourself to tailor to your own needs/speed xo

  2. Ohh, you are good. I LOVE LOVE LOVE organization! It makes my knees weak. So orderly, so clean!

  3. This is great! I love it. Wish I'd though about it when I was getting married. Very organized. Love it! #MBC

  4. Everything is looking great! You are so organized!

  5. Oh, I could have really used this a year ago planning my daughter's wedding. Much better than the piles of papers and sticky notes all over my desk!

  6. Thanks for linking up, Toya! This is a great post. When I planned my wedding over 10 years ago, I could have used this. I had stuff everywhere! I pinned it to my September Blog Challenge board on Pinterest.

  7. cool ideas for wedding planning check list well we can plan in mobile wedding planner app to get wedding vendors

  8. If and when the time comes, I'll be sure to be this organized as well.

    1. Hey Tameka thank you for reading! It really helped me stay focused and together.

  9. I think you found just the right post to link up. I haven't had the pleasure yet of planning a wedding, but I'm sure it's no walk in the park!! Thanks for linking up! #FHFridays!

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