Monday, May 20, 2013

Goal Setting Time- A Link up Challenge

Today I am linking up with the RX Fitness lady (if you are not following her do so now please, you can thank me later) for her mini blog challenge. The goal is to blog for 7 days using prompts she has provided. Today’s challenge is to solve a problem for my readers…

PFL Mimi Blog Challenge


Originally I thought Well who am I to give advice and I can’t struggle to even keep it together… umm then I realized I’m the same person that helps over 100 people per month at my job. Do as I say not as I do mentality over here LOL!!!!
Then I decided to use this post to help me as well. I need some new goals and not the broad I want to be happy type but goals that I can reach and know when I have reached them. Lets face it happiness? It comes and goes right? Oh that just me….

Today I want to talk about SMART goals. A goal is something that we want to accomplish and the best way to get there I have learned is to be SMART about it.
Specific (and strategic):  Answers the question—Who? and What?
Measurable:  The success toward meeting the goal can be measured.  Answers the question—How?
Attainable:  Goals are realistic and can be achieved in a specific amount of time and are reasonable. (i.e. don’t say I want to lose 50 pounds in two weeks)
Relevant (results oriented):  The goals are aligned with current tasks and projects and focus in one defined area; include the expected result. (i.e these goals have a place in your life. Im a therapist and I am terrible at math that is not related to my money or my weight so my goal would not be to become an engineer)
Time framed:  The goal has an end date. (I mean why drag it out forever. Be realistic with yourself and your commitments and then put a limit on it so you can achieve it and move on)
When setting a goal I am guilty of saying something broad like I want to lose weight. Ok that’s great but that has to be more or I could be losing weight for the next 50 years. So my SMART weight loss goal would look like this:

            I want to lose 70 53 more pounds. I will lose at least ten pounds per month for the next five months so that my goal weight is achieved by October 20, 2013…. Yes the goal can be more than one sentence!!! However its your world make I work for you!!! Hope this helped.


  1. Love ya girl! Our goal is pretty the same! Let's make it happen' Cap'n! I'm ready to get SMART about weight loss and finally get rid of those lbs!!!

  2. Now that's good and pinnacle! I love S.M.A.R.T. goals! I try to set them each year for my birthday and here and between. Good luck on you weight loss goal. It is surely doable by Oct! Thanks my dear for linking up!

  3. Hey LaToya, I like SMART. You have to break it down sometimes to achieve your goals and keep it realistic. Visiting from #mbc

    1. Exactly breaking it down keeps you from being overwhelmed! thanks for visiting

  4. Goals are great when you break them down! Sounds like you have it all mapped out! I am cheering for you! Visiting from #MBC

    1. Thanks so much for visiting!!!!


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