Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Joi is really making me add more depth to my posts… I like it though *thinks about blog direction* … Im so easily distracted today LOL. Today’s challenge is to discuss what you are passionate about or to create an online vision board. It’s funny I was just telling the Mr that I needed to go get some poster and stuff for my vision board (see the mind distractions LOL)…
So Im sitting here and Im thinking what am I passionate about and nothing comes to mind because I want to be truthful. There are things I love like organizing, and I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to it, but then I don’t stick with it. I tell myself I will be a crafter but eh I get tired or do something else. Then I realized its fitness working out/running and mental health so let me see if I can combine the two.

See how happy I  am leaving the gym

 These are just random workout pics I had on my phone. LOL
I have discussed some of my journey and if you have been keeping up you know I have a bruised bone and I’m on crutches however I am still compiling workouts and circuits that I want to try, and Im literally yarning for the gym. The lifting, running, sweating and grunting. I love to hit the gym and it wasn’t until now I was able to pin point why I am in SUCH A FUNK. Sure crutches are bad and tiresome but I miss running, and timing myself and watching my body change and beating yesterdays time, or lifting more weight than I did last week. I miss working out.
If you really knew me you would understand how baffling this is. I used to not be the gym type. Always worried about my hair and making excuses to continue to be lazy. Then I finally get into a groove and boom I’m down for three weeks. It has been devastating. Let me be clear I am no guru and I usually look up workouts before I go to the gym and then look all crazy checking my phone to see what exercise is next but I Love it! I was building a mini/very small home gym with hand weights, stability ball, ankle weights, aerobic stepper, and cords and I can’t wait to get back to it.
My personal home gym  has this stuff minus the bench, and bars in the back (sorry I didnt snap a pic last night)

This is an example of what I would do in the gym... Oh how I miss it 
Now for the mental health. Bottom line I am an advocate. Goget yourself help. The idea of Wellness Wednesday (that I have been sucking at lately) actually came from this. There is such a stigma placed on mental health and it can keep people from seeking the help they desperately need. I think everyone should have 6 sessions minimum per life time. If nothing more learn time management, or just vent and not feel judged.

The world of community mental health is a dark place that I visit every Monday – Friday. I say dark because I have seen firsthand people not get what they need whether it be medication or hospitalization based on INSURANCE (the companies are evil LOL). I have also seen those who have the good (state paid for) insurance and they wont do the work. They come in every week and complain or make and appointment every wekk and not show. It can be very troubling for the therapist.
I personally LOVE this!!!
 So I say to anyone if you are noticing some disturbance in your life, having difficulty coping, unable to maintain relationships, or whatever it is GET HELP!!! Or at least work out it is free therapy in many ways!!!


  1. Hey, girl, I'm no chef but that doesn't mean I don't like to eat. So, you're not a guru that doesn't mean you don't enjoy working out and the benefits that come from it. I SOOOOO understand where you are coming from in feeling deprived from the gym. When I was pregnant with Eliana around month 7 I was told that I would have to stop all activity. No working out, no housework, I even had to go parttime at work. My amniotic fluid was low. So, once I had my baby I was all too excited because I knew that in 6 weeks I could be back at the gym. Well, six weeks came and I found out I had bladder prolapse. We'll for safety's sake I waited until 6 months after giving birth to get back to the gym. I was sooooo sad that I couldn't workout like I wanted to. Of course for the health of my baby I dropped working out like a bad habit. But even after she was born to learn that I couldn't workout til even longer was a bummer. You'll get back out there. Muscles will remember where you left off and FILF training will begin again!

  2. Hey girl this is great! I agree and need some mental sessions. I have a friend who highly recommends everyone getting sessions as well.

    Thx for doing the challenge and combining two of your passions for today's post!

  3. Hey girl hey! Following you! Thanks for stopping by! <3 Joelle

    1. Hey thanks for the follow and for stopping by as well!!!

  4. Agreed. On the mental health and insurance ...and what was my diagnosis? Lol! Love ya girl!!


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