Monday, June 3, 2013

June Goals!!!!- How is it June already?!?!?!

June already!!! I’m still late because it’s the 3rd LOL!!!! Anywho I just popped in to give a brief update. I’m super busy in my life right now and lots of things that I will blog about as soon as they are finalized are taking place. So I will be having some guest post happening. If you are interested in guest posting email me: latoyaccarter (at) gmail (dot) com.

That being said I’m still planning this fabulous wedding on a strict budget, and the struggle to lose weight continues. I haven’t been on the scale because TOM is sooo happening right now… Soon as that is over I will go back to weighing and checking in via blog EVERY Monday. When I was holding myself accountable and blasting those numbers for the world I was making progress.

Since my hip bone is STILL bruised I’m not running but I have been cleared to ride the bike. Let me tell you the bike is soooo BORING!!!! I guess this is how outdoor runners feel about the treadmill but honey I would slap someone to be able to hit that treadmill!!! LOL. Ok peeps that’s about all I can say right now stay tuned!!!  Here are my mini goals for the month: 


  1. Stationary bike riding tips.
    *read a book while riding

    * if you have a big data plan watch a show or movie on your phone. My sister's future mother in law watches Scandal to get her through her workouts

    However as I have gained back every single pound I lost last year (and then some) maybe I'm not the best advice giver...

    1. Lol I tried reading blogs but I was also trying to pedal hard so I was bouncing lol. I'm gonna try a book tomorow... girl you so little lmbo!!!!


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