Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So where have you been???!!!

Well hello there!!! Some of you may be wondering where this girl has been (or maybe I am hoping you have been wondering these things LOL). Either way IM BAAACCKK!!!... So where do I start. I made a major life decision and left the counseling world (only while I make this money and regain my sanity). Working for a community mental health center that is also a non profit comes with a host of issues that I will not fully go into because we want this post to remain upbeat. I have entered the administrative world LOL. I am now a Homeless Outreach Coordinator! That’s right folks I got a little power LOL. I have no idea what my job entails right now and I’m not really sure if my boss does either but eh he has been nice and for the pay raise I will make it work!

Excuse my need of a fill in LOL

I have been cleared to work out again and will be returning to the gym on Monday sporting this nice bag I ordered from House of Bachelorette (review post coming soon)!!!

I know you are thinking why wait to go back to the gym since all I have been saying is how much I miss the gym but my old job requires a 20 working day, let’s call it what it is a month’s notice. In order to get my PTO pay out and let me tell you it is definitely worth working both jobs this week. I have been there almost 3 years and accruing leave since day one. SO I have two jobs this week. I’m working the new gig, and hitting the old one after hours. Tired much!!!

I saw my mommy in law this weekend. I adore this woman. She is my own personal angel!!! I also convinced the Mr’s cousin to play the piano at our wedding! #SCORE!!!!!!!

My weight I’m sure is off the chain. I have been feeling a little pudgy  and my engagement ring is no longer slip sliding on my finger but honestly I am not fooling with that scale until Monday and from there it will be a Monday ONLY type thing!!!


  1. Tag Team back again!!! Heeeeyyyy! So glad you are back. Now I can congratulate you openly. CONGRATS on the new job!
    That gym bag is sooo cute. I need to get a new gym bag myself. Although mine won't be near as cool. :(
    I can't wait to read posts about you getting back into running. We've got a few months to secure our MILF status ma'am! Let's get it!

  2. welcome back. I dont even own a gym bag
    as I wrk out at home but yours is cute allright.:)

    1. Thank you. The bag is so cute I'm almost scared to put my gym stuff in it and have been considerin going back to the old one. Lol. I work out from home some too. What do u do at home?

  3. Glad you're back, LaToya! Congrats on the new job.

  4. Oh my goodness the gym back is too adorable!!


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